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4 Self-love routines

Last week, I wrote about ongoing learning, a topic I love. Today I want to discuss professional and personal self-care and self-love.

How do you take care of yourself? What are your best self-love routines?

I have made a list of things that are important to my wellbeing and want to share it with you. Many of you are in some kind of helping or serving profession or do that in your free time. I judge self-care is especially important – and often forgotten – by those who are used to and thrive from supporting others.

My self-care practices fall into these 4 categories:

1. Let go of unnecessary pleasing

Get out of the trap of being overly responsible. Get clear about what is in your area of responsibility and to whom are you responsible.Set and communicate clear boundaries (this is also fundamental working with clients with weak boundaries).One useful question for me here is:
What don’t you want to face or experience when you say “yes” when in reality you want to say “no”?

2. Ask for help and support
Ask for what you want and get used to asking for help.Organize good feedback and mutual support systems.Note to myself:
Organize feedback with your co-trainer after each workshop or as needed each evening of a workshop.

3. Learning and refreshing your skills
Update your skills and knowledge with training / reading / talking with colleagues etc.
Note to myself: on my learning be also open to other kind of workshops, retreats and therapy.Recognize and take into consideration your triggers, pitfalls and blind spots. Own them and work on them in work supervision and your own therapy.

4. Get to know yourself really well and pamper yourself
Learn to notice the small signs of exhaustion and burn out and take them seriously.In your free time you are not at work.

Balance one way relationships at work with two way relationships in your free time. And to the people in the helping professions: you are not there to listen and give therapy to your friends, family members or others in your life.

– Take time for yourself and do stuff just because it is fun.
– Enjoy physical labor.

For me the me-time includes going for massages and going to movies, spending time in nature, talking with friends and taking breaks and holidays.

Check out this video where I tell you more about my self-care practices.

Let know how this list was for you! What are you good at in terms of self-care and what do you have a lack of?

Tuulia (& Pete)

PS: What about some self-love with other wonderful beings? Laughing, crying, sharing and showing yourself and seeing others. Join an upcoming workshop or retreat near you.

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