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A Little Bit of Humor Goes a Long Way

How are you doing right now?

Will you take a moment to stand up and notice the sensations in your body and feel your feet on the floor? How is that for you?

I’m smiling right now, feeling my bare feet on the floor against the rug.

I love getting feedback from these posts – and from my videos.

Most times I like what I write or find the topic important or intriguing, and wonder how the text is for you, the reader. When I hear nothing I wonder if you found the newsletter boring or not relevant or speaking to you, or just missing the point.

Sometimes I get many messages after a newsletter with a short or long sharing. I like reading those! I appreciate all of you who have sent an email, wrote in a Facebook group, sent a Messenger message or said something in person. Sometimes I hear from people in workshops that they enjoyed a particular text or video. That’s motivating and important to me!

I got this feedback from Jens after last week’s newsletter:

I want to give the feedback that I think these kinds of lists have been surprisingly motivating for me to read the newsletters. I appreciate you for them.
Reading this list made me think of you collecting them all into a book:
Tuulia’s Lists of Life.

I found that both humorous and motivating! So what is the list of all lists we need?

What about this?
A list of:

  1. How to be happy
  2. How to live a healthy life
  3. The best self-love tips
  4. How to get over anger faster and find more connection
  5. Best tips for a healthy relationship
  6. How to heal yourself from trauma and past wounds
  7. How to live in the moment and be present
  8. Letting go of people and habits which you don’t want to have in your life any more
  9. 9 Steps to design the life you want
  10. Appreciations
  11. Using humour to serve you in tricky situations
  12. How to take the stick out of your ass
  13. Steps for rewarding and fun sex & intimacy
  14. Unlearning unhealthy patterns
  15. Supporting children to be happy and real
  16. What to buy at the grocery store
  17. Things that are worth doing even if you’re afraid
  18. Things I like and things I love
  19. Things I make myself happy with

And of course: Insider Tips: How to squeeze toothpaste in the right way 

What are your best lists?

What am I missing here which is vital?

This post was a bit more jokey – I judge humor is vital when dealing with difficult and challenging stuff! And humor and taking things lightly helps us all in these unusual times of lockdown and unknown.

If you want more serious stuff you can watch this video about sex and love addiction or this video I just recorded about using humor in tricky situations and bringing some lightness into expressing anger and other “heavy emotions”.

I wish you a good week!


Tuulia (& Pete)

P.S. What’s an important ‘list’ in your life that you’d like to see us talk about? Contact us and let us know!

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