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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

All of a sudden I felt Joy

Last week I wrote about allowing yourself to feel sorry for yourself.
I think that’s important.

Rather than pushing down unpleasant emotions allowing them to exist and even getting curious about them. (If you missed the newsletter you can still read it here)

I see the long term goal is to live a life where you can welcome all that is happening right now in you.

Easier said than done.

There are also those times when this very moment exists. No fear, worry or anxiousness for a moment.
One moment where you can feel joy and presence.

Contentment if not actual happiness.

No hurry. No rush.

At times I experience these moments when everything is all of a sudden just fine.
Often those moments come unexpectedly.

Sometimes I am reading my book and look outside with a good cup of coffee and just really enjoy the moment and the scenery.

My body feels relaxed and rested in those moments. My shoulders are down and heavy and I notice the warmness in my belly and chest.

Or when I have just woken up and feel my body against the sheets and check in if I want to get up, sleep some more or just lay in bed a bit longer with my thoughts. Sometimes I drift off from my thoughts to sleep. Sometimes I start to stretch and do a little morning exercise (very little – it takes about three or four minutes!)

I so much enjoy waking up with no hurry and no schedule. What about you: is that something important or enjoyable for you too?

These moments tend to be quiet.

I am somehow slowing down and noticing more and feeling more.
My senses are sharp yet I feel soft.

I like that I just wrote soft. The older I get the more I feel soft. I have not much seen myself as a soft person and felt surprised a few days back when Pete called me soft. ❤️

I have started to trust life and other people the way I wasn’t trusting as a child.
Most big people in my life were not very present and thus not fully trustworthy.
I did not trust that my parents would always be there for me.

I have been able to slowly change that, with people I love and learned to trust, with my son, with Pete, therapists and work supervisors, workshops, trainings, working with clients and workshop participants and seeing what change they bring to their lives.

Right now I enjoy feeling my feet on the floor. I notice the sensations of pressure against the floor and the soft material of my sock. I noticed some good tiredness on my legs (I went to hot yoga after a long break).

Right now nothing needs to be different.

I am here and I notice joy writing this newsletter and joy about my plans for tonight: to sit next to Pete, touch his leg and watch an old tv show with Pete, Love Boat – one of the few similar childhood memories we have. We both used to watch Love Boat and Hill Street Blues as kids.

And going to sleep when I feel tired.

I like that.

I don’t have to stay up late nor do I have to go early to sleep if I am not tired. That’s happiness too: to have time to listen to my body and follow what it is telling me.

When do you have your slow and enjoyable moments?
Do you know how to create more of them?

Here is a video I did about Happiness and Joy – you might like it!

I wish you joy & time to listen to yourself!

Tuulia (& Pete)

PS: Note that in March – April we are hosting two retreats in our new retreat center Syvilla in Parkano Finland. These retreats include wood burning sauna every night and use of the big jacuzzi by the lake!

❤️Couples retreat 29 March – 2 April (Space for three more couples!)
Create more connection, love and understanding with your loved one! We have designed many exercises especially for couples and these will be also very useful continuing the practise at home!

? Practitioner and Advanced retreat 5-9 April
During Easter we will dive deep with Advanced practitioners and members of the Practitioner Program! This is for you who have joined at least one retreat or weekend before.

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