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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

I am good at sleeping

"I am a good cook"" I am good at sleeping. I really enjoy sleeping in and having lazy morning with my book, good coffee and Pete besides me" ❤️" I am a dedicated and loving partner. I listen to Pete,…

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What about me? ❤

What do I really enjoy? What gives me joy?How do I take care of myself in stressful times? Am I allowed to take time off?Or feel exhausted?Even overwhelmed? These are questions I have been pondering for the last few days.…

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Feeling nostalgic

Pete and I have been cleaning up and reorganizing things here in the cabins in Orivesi. Slowly changing our log cabins into family cabins instead of a retreat location.First I felt relief and now I'm starting to feel nostalgic too.I…

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white cat laying sideways on a wooden surface

I changed my mind

I admit I have never been a rainy day person. I hear people talking about rain and enjoying feeling the raindrops. I get wet in rain. I especially don't like wet feet. And I don't like wearing wet socks. I…

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Two women standing beside river in fall expressing appreciation in Radical Honesty

Share your Appreciation Day

Chelsea here, and I want to talk to you about appreciation. When we think about giving appreciation, we typically associate it with a special occasion - such as Mother or Father’s Day, ‘Employee Appreciation Day’, a birthday, wedding, or even death. There…

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I appreciate you for…

When I recently returned home from the Radical Honesty Summer Retreat at our cabins in the woods of Finland, I was met by a stack of unread Amsterdam newspapers. This morning, I stood in my kitchen eating my muesli while…

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