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White Cat Laying Sideways On A Wooden Surface

I changed my mind

I admit I have never been a rainy day person. I hear people talking about rain and enjoying feeling the raindrops. I get wet in rain. I especially don't like wet feet. And I don't like wearing wet socks. I…

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Where do you feel at home?

Where do you feel at home? What is the place where your system just calms down? I have been pondering this lately. Like other summers Pete and I have spent weeks in the cabin in Finland this summer. That is…

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The 5 levels of honesty

​​What is honesty? What does honesty mean to you and what does it look like? Is it about not lying?  Or telling whatever is important? Or maybe something else? Being real? Authentic? In Radical Honesty we tend to see honesty…

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Empty Chair Outside On A Patio With Hills And Forest In The Background

My father died

My father died in April. My family and I buried him on the 5th of May. For weeks, I’d told myself that writing about my father’s death is too early. Today, I was thinking about what I wanted to write…

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Small Rain Puddle In Leaf On The Ground

Do you hear the raindrops?

When was the last time you consciously slowed down? Walked a little slower?Stopped to look at the sky or trees? I have been slow for the past few days. I got done less than normally.Last week I wrote about how I…

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Group Of People Standing Outside With Clouds, Grass And Forest Behind Them

You are perfect as you are

I have been tired lately. 11 days ago we finished Radical Honesty Trainer's Training in Winterberg, Germany and I have been feeling tired ever since.  My father's funeral also took place last week adding to the emotional intensity and stress. I have been…

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