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Thank you for being part of our 2019!

This is Pete. Tuulia usually writes these blogs. Over the past few days, while Tuulia and I have huddled and cuddled here in our candlelit log cabin beside frozen Lake Vaavu in Finland, I’ve been thinking back on 2019 and…

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Adult children of alcoholics

Do you have someone in your life who has issues with alcohol? Many of us do.I do.My grandfather was an alcoholic. I’ve had friends who were alcoholics. One of my ex-partners had an issue with alcohol. I’m from Finland and…

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Letting go

Though I’ve practiced letting go, it’s still not always easy for me to do. I have let go of several homes and moved into new homes. I’ve let go of a marriage and two other long-term relationships. I’ve been letting…

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Who is your tribe?

Who is my tribe? Where is my community? Those questions arose in me after spending 12 intense days in Greece. First, Pete and I led a week-long Radical Honesty retreat in the village of Kissos (hosted by the Kalikalos holistic…

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Making friends with pain

Shieet. That was my first thought about writing this. I feel my stomach turning and my heart beating. Much less, though, than when Tuulia first suggested I could write one of these. I’m super grateful, too. And happy. And excited.…

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Loving my body

When I was a teenager and a young adult, I had various complaints about my body. I didn’t like the pimples (or the scars from the pimples), especially those on my temples and on my back. I thought my breasts…

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Dear friends, I recently read an article in a Finnish newspaper about experiencing freedom. It stated that the Finns feel more free than French, for example. I have read that article several times and I feel moved thinking both about…

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