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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Endings and Beginnings

Last week I wrote about a dream I have about a retreat center and community in Finland.

I’m happy about all the feedback I received on that!

Thank you 

I like that other people in our community find the idea of a retreat center and community exciting and interesting. Some said they want to be part of it. I’m smiling thinking of that.

I feel grateful for the summer I had, meeting face to face and thinking about and being influenced less by COVID.

The past few weeks have been a time of letting go.

On Sunday and Monday Pete and I did many tasks to get the cabins ready for winter.

We took in the two piers that had sat over the water by the sauna and stored them on land. We dismantled the yurt and stored it, as well as all of the furniture from the yurt in one of huts, the one we call Candyfloss or Hattara in Finnish. And we chopped and stacked the last of the 2021 firewood. It is now ready for next summer’s retreats and sauna!

I’m proud of all the logs I carried from the forest, chopped and stacked into piles as firewood. (While I was typing this sentence I wanted to use the specific word we have in Finnish for these 50 – 60 centimetre log pieces, however Google Translate told me that there is no translation of this word “pölli”).

I feel nostalgic thinking of the summer ending and, after five lovely retreats, being more in the city. Experiencing less sunshine on my face and swimming far less in the lake.

The last two days on the lake were beautiful – calm lake, sunny weather, swans, goosanders and loons slowly swimming on the lake. Very peaceful.

Last Sunday we finished the Family and Friends retreatThat was the 19th retreat we have led by the lake at the cabins.

I judge everyone who joined was brave and wonderful. I found the retreat intense, interesting, full of sharing, care, connection, anger, joy and also people expressing themselves getting over old stuff.

Think about Radical Honesty and then think about doing it with your mom or adult child or a friend! That’s something, eh?

This was the first time ever we or anyone else organized a Radical Honesty workshop for parents and adult children to join together. And other pairings of loved ones.

I am proud we did it. I found it powerful. And I like the thought that everyone who participated has now someone close to practice with and find ways to be more open and connected.

We are planning more of that.

Will you join?

Do you want to be more honest and open with your mom or dad or your adult child?

Thank you for being part of our summer in the cabins in Orivesi – RH & tantra retreat, Summer retreat, Couples retreat, Advanced retreat and Family & Friends retreat.

And our two events in Germany: 8-Day Intensive in Breetz, Germany and the Honesty Gathering in Spitzmuehle.

I wish you a great end of the summer and space to feel all your feelings.

About the ending of the summer or anything else that is alive in you.

Tuulia (& Pete)

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