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Feeling nostalgic

Pete and I have been cleaning up and reorganizing things here in the cabins in Orivesi. Slowly changing our log cabins into family cabins instead of a retreat location.

First I felt relief and now I’m starting to feel nostalgic too.

I am remembering spots where we sat in the sunshine. ☀️
Breakfasts in the dock.
People in the hammocks.

Chatting laying down by blueberry bushes.

Silhouettes of two people in deep conversations by the rocks on the shore line.
Small groups connecting in the deck by the sauna in the evening sun.
Me making waffles by the sauna terrace served with my homemade blueberry jam.

Working with many sweet cooks and workshop assistants.
Kasia, Siiri, Sanni, Christian, Chelsea, Micha, Bernie and Michi to name a few.
Honesty & conscious touch retreats with Michael K.

Walking meditations in the forest.
Dancing in the little lawn Pete planted a few years back.

Sitting in our circle among the trees, in the background the grey log building my dad built of logs over 150 years ago.

I am accessing many good memories.

And while letting them all come in and enjoy them I am also letting go.

Letting go of stuff and letting go of this phase.
I am not gonna miss hauling hundreds of litres of drinking water.

I am not – most likely – going to miss cleaning the floors or toilets.

I will miss the magic of the circle and sharing.
Luckily it has just moved to a new location.
We packed some plates for the recycling center and Pete put some bed frames to be given away.

We gave away plates, pots, blankets, and sheets.
Some things like tea boxes, glass jars and yoga mats have been packed up and moved to our new retreat center Syvilla.

We have led 25 retreats here in Orivesi since 2017.
That is a lot of experiences, sharing.

Many sauna nights!
Actually 100 all together with a group and several more with the team before and after retreats.

I am very proud of our big sauna on the lake, fitting almost the full group.
I am proud of my late father for building such a beautiful building with eye to many details like the wooden handles.

Many swims.
In cold water and warm water.
One time two participants went so far in the morning swim that they had a bit of a struggle to manage all the way back (after that we made it clear that it is good to follow the shore line or have a rowing boat next to you!)
In our very first retreat one participant got lost in the forest and I was driving around the little forest roads and found them at the end of one.

For some people also sunrises (I tend to sleep in and the sun gets up veeery early in the summertime! Like 5 am and 2 am around midsummer)
I enjoy decluttering and it is not easy for me.
“Maybe I will need this later…”

I learned that from my mom and very successfully carried on.

(I wrote another text about letting go when my father died. You can read it here)
Now I’m wondering if you have any memories to share of your time here in
Orivesi cabins?

What memories come to you about change and moving on?

What comes to you when you think about getting rid of things which you no longer need?

Hugs from currently cloudy cabins & see you in lovely Syvilla!

Tuulia (& Pete)

PS: Now it is time to create many new memories in lovely Syvilla! Like in our cabins in Orivesi we are by the lake among the trees in lovely Syvilla and can enjoy over 100 years old log building there (of course quite a bit modernized since then!)

This autumn you are warmly invited to Syvilla for these two retreat in November:

* Advanced & Practitioner retreat 1-5 November

* Couples retreat 7-11 November
For this one we only take six couples – you can share and connect in an intimate setting!

Both retreats include the program and follow up sharing group and:
healthy vegetarian food, snacks & tea & coffee available at all times, daily saunas and use of the jacuzzi! And time to enjoy the lake and forest in a peaceful setting!
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