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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

Free Resources

We want to make sure you have seen all the resources we offer to support you in your honesty journey. Take a look:


We regularly host free webinars where we discuss topics such as:

  • How To Start Practicing Radical Honesty
  • Practicing Radical Honesty In Relationships
  • Anger And How To Get Over It
  • The Art Of Asking For What You Want
  • How To Deal With Sadness

Join an upcoming webinar to receive tips and exercises to support you in your honesty practice. Webinars are a great chance to ask your questions and have them answered live. Most webinars are geared for people who are relatively new to the practice, and all are welcome join!

Check out our workshops calendar to view all upcoming webinars. More webinars to come! ? What webinar topic would you like? Tell us!

Facebook Groups

Do you desire weekly exercises and sharing?

We have a Facebook group called Honesty Europe which is for people who want to practice Radical Honesty and want more exercises and tips! Every Monday we post a new tip and every Wednesday there is a new video on a topic related to Radical Honesty.

Other days of the week there are questions to ponder or you can ask your own question or share what you are proud of, happy about or worried about.

Join the Honesty Europe group

Have you already been to a workshop or retreat with us?

Then our closed Honesty Europe Community group is for you! This group is very active with monthly online sharing and asking questions; there we also answer questions from the community with videos, organize online dance parties and sharing and more.

Join the closed Honesty Europe community

And: many countries & cities have their own Radical Honesty groups – check all the groups here.

YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel you can find a great selection of videos on relevant topics such as: honest conversations, how to start practicing Radical Honesty, how to keep ones boundaries, what to do when the other doesn’t clearly communicate their boundaries, honesty in romantic relationships, honesty at work, learning to be present, what is our body-based approach all about, anger and how get rid of it (or if that’s possible), shame, sadness… You name it!

Tell us what videos you want to see! ? You can subscribe to Honesty Europe’s YouTube channel and check out one of our most popular videos below:

Blog & Newsletter

Another great free resource for your Radical Honesty practice is the Honesty Europe blog. There, you can read more about the Radical Honesty practice and related topics, get our updates, news and reflections plus receive some honesty inspiration for your week. And if you subscribe to the Honesty Europe newsletter, you can receive these postings directly to your inbox.

Live Workshops

Okay, this one is not for free, however workshops and retreats are a powerful way to kick off and keep ongoing with your honesty practice!

Check out our workshop calendar.

In case money is a issue for you, check out the Support Fund.

Our mission is to support people to live happier lives by telling the truth and letting go of fear and worry.

We appreciate you for being on this journey with us!

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