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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!
Pete and Bernie of Honesty Europe sitting on porch at the cabin in Finland with cat

Half way – where do you want to go?

We now have more than half of this year behind us. How do you feel about the year so far? How has this exceptional spring with Covid-19 been for you?

Have you done the things you wanted to do and are you planning something new, interesting or rewarding? 

For me, spring and early summer was a time to be in the cabins and in nature, seeing nature waking up, birds mating and nesting and the forest becoming green again. It was also a time of anxiety and worry, I worried whether Pete and I would be forced to be apart as he has residency in the Netherlands and me in Finland. That wasn’t the case in the end because we are married and we spent some lovely weeks in self-quarantine in the cabins.  

I worried about the unknown, both for our livelihood with workshops and for life getting back to normal. I also worried about loved ones getting sick and many people losing their jobs or businesses. At times I had trouble concentrating and being productive and days seemed to pass quickly without notable achievements. I had moments of feeling grateful for being healthy and alive. 

This spring was a time of getting into online workshops. For the first time, Pete and I led couples workshops online which I enjoyed fas more than I thought I would. And many one- and half-day workshops, online dance sessions; Pete led morning meditation for over 100 days and I did more 1:1 sessions online than before.

Getting back to you 🙂 

I propose you answer the questions below as a reflection for yourself about this year so far. Notice what physical sensations are arising in your body while you ponder on these questions.

Notice what thoughts and ideas are coming to you.

Pay attention to what emotions you have – are you making yourself sad, puzzled, happy, proud, angry, anxious, joyful, excited, down, or something else?

Here are a few questions you can look at and reflect on:

Looking back

  • What are you happy about or grateful for this year so far? 
  • What have you learned about yourself this year?
  • What do you want to leave behind, or want less of?

Looking forward – dreams and plans

  • How do you want to grow and what do you want to learn during the rest of the year? 
  • How do you ensure you have time and energy to pursue your dreams? 
  • How do you sabotage yourself when you don’t pursue what you want? How will you tackle that?
  • What is the first step towards your dreams? And when will you take it?

In case you already made dreams and plans for 2020, check those now. Are they still valid? What did you achieve, which plans do you want to keep and which do you want to let go of?

In case you want practice face to face honesty – jump into a workshop! You can check out our workshops calendar here.

Tuulia (and Pete)

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