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All of a sudden I felt Joy

Last week I wrote about allowing yourself to feel sorry for yourself.I think that's important.Rather than pushing down unpleasant emotions allowing them to exist and even getting curious about them. (If you missed the newsletter you can still read it…

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white cat laying sideways on a wooden surface

I changed my mind

I admit I have never been a rainy day person. I hear people talking about rain and enjoying feeling the raindrops. I get wet in rain. I especially don't like wet feet. And I don't like wearing wet socks. I…

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Where do you feel at home?

Where do you feel at home? What is the place where your system just calms down? I have been pondering this lately. Like other summers Pete and I have spent weeks in the cabin in Finland this summer. That is…

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vase of flowers on table

What makes you feel joy?

Pete and I are currently leading a year-long Practitioner Program and this month’s theme is: Pride and Joy. I love that theme! In our work, Pete and I often are dealing with the expression of “heavy emotions” such as anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, shame,…

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