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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

The Honesty Europe Practitioner Program 2023 is now open!

Do you want to develop your truth telling skills in an organized manner with support from our certified Radical Honesty trainers?

Do you love honesty and want more of it in your life? 

Do you want to dive deep into living a Radically Honest life every day?

Do you want to get more solid and ongoing practice than an individual workshop? Are you ready to enhance your truth-telling muscle and noticing skills?

We have created the Practitioner Program to answer the desire from our community to have an opportunity to learn and develop your truth telling skills in an ongoing and organized manner.

This will be the fourth year we are kicking off the Practitioner Program and every year we have improved the content. Each month has a specific theme with exercises, coaching, sharing and reflections.

We will take a limited number of participants in 2023 and three spots are already filled! 

The Practitioner Program is for you if you say yes to one or more of the points below.

The Honesty Europe Practitioner Program might be right for you if you:

  • want to increase honesty, connection and love in your daily life, at work/studies or with your loved ones?
  • desire to work with your shame, shyness or embarrassment?
  • want to stop limiting yourself expressing yourself fully when angry, sad, attracted, sexually excited and joyful?
  • want to be fully honest and live to the fullest even if some people around you might find it triggering or challenging?
  • want to improve your Radical Honesty skills in ongoing and consistent manner in a safe environment?
  • wish to have a fully-fledged Radical Honesty experience and participate in multiple workshops?
  • want to figure out whether the Radical Honesty trainer path is something for you in the future?
  • want to get ready for our Trainee program which is focused on developing Radical Honesty trainer skills? Or for Radical Honesty Institute’s Trainer Foundation Year 1 program starting in September next year?

During the Practitioner Program you can work on the following topics:

  • Learn to recognize and ask for everything you want, and notice when you feel truly a “yes” and “no”
  • How do you limit yourself from living a fulfilling, fun and rewarding life
  • What is your life purpose, what do you want to contribute to
  • How to create more joy and happiness in your everyday life
  • How to stay more present in the here and now, how stay more in the noticing mode than thinking and analyzing mode
  • Work on your habits of people pleasing, making yourself small / putting other before yourself
  • Owning and expressing anger directly rather than in a blame-y, guilt-trippy, martyr or passive-aggressive way
  • Work on your codependency or other compulsive patterns
  • Improve your love and/or sex life
  • Getting more and more comfortable owning your skills, talents and verbalizing what you like about yourself

Read more here

The program includes participation in the Practitioner retreat, four other workshops/retreats, group practice calls and buddy group work tailored to your needs and much more:

  • Participation in our special Practitioner retreat in Easter in our new lovely retreat center in Finland!
  • Participation in one to three weekend workshops
  • Participation in one to three residential retreats, this can include Honesty Gathering
  • Participation in one 8-day intensive retreat
  • Setting desired outcomes before each workshop and going through reflections after each workshop
  • 10 group coaching calls with other practitioners via video.
  • Bi-weekly buddy group calls for sharing, ongoing practice and exercises
  • Monthly themes and exercises such as shame, joy, presence and timing, asking for what you want, completing the past and more
  • Ongoing support from our trainers

This is what people say about their experiences with Pete and Tuulia:

Tuulia & Pete are great facilitators for deep transformational processes. Again and again, I am amazed by how they hold space and coach people into experiences. They are direct, very attentive and fun. I love the mix of really deep work, friendship, silliness and warmness. They are both very good at holding space and guiding people with trauma reactions. I imagine they are doing a really great job. I am very grateful for the way they facilitate and how they are as just human beings. They are open, vulnerable and they don’t pretend to know everything or be all in control. I trust them. Thank you!” — Michael (Germany)

“I also trust more and more Tuulia and Pete’s facilitation and ability to deal with what arises in them in a way that I imagine I never really have experienced in a workshop, therapy or a situation where there is some kind of authority/leader. — Johanna (Finland)

These two really know what they are doing. And the commitment and love that they put into work is amazing and helps the participants to transform themselves.” — Luis (Portugal)

I have attended several Radical Honesty workshops including an 8-day intensive workshop with Tuulia and Pete. The workshop gave me intense impulses for my awareness development. Tuulia and Pete are absolute professionals and very authentic in their leadership. They manage to lead a heterogeneous group in such a way that each participant benefits in their own way. I felt well accompanied and inspired at all times and I was able to let myself go with total confidence and concentrate on my inner processes. Together, Pete and Tuulia are a dream team with a deep understanding and feeling for Radical Honesty.” — Carmen (Germany)

You can read more here what people say about working with Tuulia and Pete.

Watch this video where Pete and I talk about Honesty Europe and our journey into this work.

The Practitioner Program is focused on your personal work and your journey, per agreement we can also include some trainer / coaching insights to your program, however the main focus is in your own triggers and patterns and your anger/joy/sadness and happiness and your successes and growth.

The group coaching part of the program kicks off January 2022 and will last 12 months. This part is online via video calls.

The call will be on the second Wednesday of the month 6:00-7:30 pm CET/CEST (Berlin/Amsterdam/Vienna time), except October when we will have the call 4th  October which is the first Wednesday.

One year might be tight for you to join five workshops / retreats and thus
you can choose the workshop and retreats you want to join from November 2022 to December 2024.

Our next Practitioner Program starts in January 2023 and the applications are open!

✍️ Kindly get in touch with us in case you want to learn more about the program, learn about your suitability or you want to apply to join at

We will send you more information and the application questions for you to ponder where you are at and what you want from the Practitioner Program.

Tuulia and Pete

P.S. You might like this video where I talk about what happens when we start practicing Radical Honesty:

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