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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!
five people standing in the woods in orivesi, finland

How do you really want to spend these 6 weeks?

Have you noticed that we have about six weeks left of this year?

Before making plans for next year or reflecting back on this year I want to ask you:

How do you want to spend the rest of the year, these six weeks?

What do you desire for yourself?

Will you make it happen?

I want to rest, read books, have relaxing, interesting & rewarding times with Pete and enjoy the last two workshops of this year (I’m really excited to go back to Fehmarn island to lead Advanced 8-Day Intensive in December).

I am especially looking forward foraging for some mushrooms in the pine and spruce before the snow hits the ground in the cabins and have some quiet nights there in the forest looking at stars and resting in peace of nature.

I am also really excited about my Christmas time routine: spending Christmas eve at home with my son and maybe my mom or some other relatives and on Christmas Day or Boxing Day going to the cabins with Pete. I love being there in the winter.

I love seeing the snow outside of the window, lighting candles when it gets dark and walking on the frozen lake. The stars are very bright there as we are away from the cities.

And sauna of course!

I like and challenge myself to go dipping in the hole on ice and feeling all those sensations in my body while in the cold water.

Regards from Gelderland in the Netherlands! Pete and I are leading a retreat here in the countryside on a big farm turned into a retreat center. I enjoy sharing and witnessing and sitting in the circle with people who are willing to show themselves.

Getting ready for this retreat was more exciting for me than normal: our old retreat place in Zandvoort closed down and this was the first time in this new place. We also had a new trainer candidate, Sean, assisting us. We had not worked with him before.

As usual there was excitement, nervousness and bubbling in my stomach while waiting for the people to arrive and getting ready to kick off. When we all sit in the circle and look at each other and share, my system calms down.

I feel at home.

When do you feel at home?

How are you going to create that for yourself before New Year?

Tuulia (& Pete)

P.S. Did you notice that we have a few more spots available for the Advanced 8-Day Intensive in lovely Fehmarn island 4-12 December?

This Advanced 8-Day Intensive is for those of you who have been to 8-Day retreat before, or for you if you are an experienced Radical Honesty practitioner.

This 8-day is for you if you want to

  • Let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval
  • Be completely and compassionately honest
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Share with others – laugh out loud, cry and yell, smile and dance
  • Ask for everything you want; expand your ability to give & receive
  • Heal relationships with full-body forgiveness

P.S. Here’s a photo of our lovely group the last time we were in Fehmarn for the Advanced 8-Day ?

honesty europe group photo for the advanced 8 day retreat in Fehmarn Germany; 17 people standing/sitting in the grass outside making funny faces
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