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I am good at sleeping

“I am a good cook”

” I am good at sleeping. I really enjoy sleeping in and having lazy morning with my book, good coffee and Pete besides me” ❤️

” I am a dedicated and loving partner. I listen to Pete, I am interested in him. We have fun together and share many common interests such as movies, museums, art, being in nature and in the cabins, “. 

” I am good at creating new exercises and concepts and trying new things out”.

” I am a fun and caring mother. I listen to my son and I like joking around him. I am good at tickling him”.

” I am great at respecting nature and seeing beauty in small details in nature. I can look at the lake for a long time.”

“I am good at enjoying my book and coffee”.

“I am great at searching further learning and joining workshops for fun and also for educating myself for example on trauma and body oriented work”.

“I am an excellent mushroom forager. I am great at finding small mushrooms in the moss”.

“I am good at doing challenging things”

” I have resiliency. I can stay in uncomfortable situations”.

“I am good at caring for my mother even if I find being with her difficult”.

“I am great at getting shit done. I am fast doing things which need to be done”.

“I am good at traveling, being on trains and getting excited about new places”.

“I am a great workshop leader, I care about my participants and put myself fully into supporting people”.

” I am good at writing newsletters!” ✍

(Pete helped me with this last one)

This is one of the exercises we love doing at summer retreats. ☀️

Pete makes a little stage and we sit in a horse shoe shaped circle around the stage.

Everyone goes in the front of the group.
And tells the rest of us what they are good at.

It can be fun and telling and also triggering.
Sometimes someone goes blank. They experience being blank and start to talk again eventually.
Many times participants say they find it easier to say what they are not good at.

Many people feel moved by their own sharing and other people’s sharing.

I definitely feel moved.
I experience happiness and warmth. ❤️

I also like to share and see what comes up each time.
Sometimes I feel a bit shy to share.

Let me ask you!

What are you good at?

Are you willing to write down or share with a friend?
Or write to me and share with me?

Or share in Honesty Europe facebook group

I wish you a wonderful week enjoying your greatness!

Tuulia (& Pete)

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