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I changed my mind

I admit I have never been a rainy day person.

I hear people talking about rain and enjoying feeling the raindrops.

I get wet in rain.

I especially don’t like wet feet.

And I don’t like wearing wet socks.

I like sunshine ☀️ I enjoy reading my book on the dock at the cabins, good coffee next to me and feeling the warmth on my skin.

Today I woke up to heavy rain.

I tried to sleep and snoozed off and woke up again hearing rainfall on the roof.

I wanted to sleep more and eventually got up and told myself I can always take a nap.

It’s been raining most of the day until now. It’s wet everywhere.

I realized two things:

1) I can’t change the weather AND I can decide to enjoy it or make myself unhappy.

I can choose to find things I enjoy about the weather and my day and stay soaking.

I can even think in a new way and try to feel differently about rain (or a person, color, food or event).

2) Rain is a blessing

It actually is! ?

I can take a day off from blueberry picking and outdoor jobs like carrying the firewood, taking away some wires or vacuuming in our workshop space (well, I could do that…)

Even a day off from computer work!

I can actually really use a day with my book, a quiet schedule and eating well!

For the first time maybe ever I made myself waffles! ?

Just for myself!

I enjoyed my blueberry-banana-walnut waffles with homemade jam and maple syrup.

And of course a good cup of coffee.

So I have been enjoying non-scheduled time in my easy chair with my Norwegian crime book, coffee of my Paradise mug.

Thanks to rain.

And few more thoughts I just had…

? Nature needs rain to flourish and stay green

? Mushrooms need rain to grow

? Blueberries get bigger

In this video I talk about tolerating and even celebrating happiness and joy:

Are you a rainy day person or sunshine person or both-and?


What have you changed your mind about lately?

How was that for you?


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