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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

I Felt Excited…

Last week, Pete and I led a retreat in person – for the first time in three months!

I felt excited, thrilled even!
Real people! Alive. In person! Sitting in the circle with others and being real and vulnerable.
Dancing on the lawn. Enjoying the sunsets together.

At the same time, I felt nervous about how the Covid scare and several months of isolation had impacted me and others. Would we feel awkward and clumsy and withdrawn and long for lots of alone time?

My fears turned out to be unfounded.
Me and others enjoyed being together in person.

While nobody had symptoms of Covid in the weeks before or during the retreat, two people who had registered for the retreat had to drop out due to travel restrictions in their home countries. And one person didn’t feel ready yet to be in a group again after isolation.

I feel like I’m back on the (bicycle) saddle again!
I believe that leading groups is my calling. Working with people who want to be open and vulnerable, and work on their triggers and wounds.

And I’m so proud of leading this retreat for another reason!

Pete and I decided to try out for the first time ever in Europe to have an 8-day advanced intensive workshop – a retreat for folks who have already been to 8-day intensives before! We were not sure if people would fill the retreat and whether we’d be able to cover the cost of the 600 sq meter historic villa and make our living too. And we did! I’m proud of myself for taking risks and trusting my ideas and intuition. 

I say thanks to you who were the team for that retreat: Pete, my sweet co-leader and big love; Bernie, RH trainer candidate and our assistant; Kasia, our trusted cook; and Chelsea, who was the helper for the first time and fulfilled the role well!

Honesty Europe Team

My greatest appreciation goes to the beautiful 14 souls who participated in the journey of the 8-day Advanced Intensive on the lush German island of Fehmarn. What a bunch of expressive, interesting and loving people you are.

And: thank you for being part of this journey with me and Pete. For reading these newsletters and maybe experiencing some sensations or thoughts arising in you, maybe joining the free webinars, watching my videos on YouTube, joining our workshops or retreats or planning to do so, following Honesty Europe’s Facebook page or sharing in one of our Facebook groups.

You are important to me!

Tuulia (& Pete)

Learn more about what happens in 8-day intensives by watching this video.

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