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Winter retreat in the Netherlands 30.11.-3.12!

I spent the night with my head in a toilet bowl

My plan was to explore the 12 kilometers long white sandy beach of Cofete in southern Fuerteventura. ☀️

That was going to be my last and exciting day on the island.
Pristine beach, turquoise waters.

Me on the waves.
And on the beach with my book.

Enjoying the sunshine and views, mountains in the back grounds.
Doing some hiking nearby before returning to far colder northern Europe and to work.

That was going to be a glorious end to my three weeks in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Instead I felt the night before unpleasant sensations in my stomach. My belly started to feel worse and worse during my evening walk to pop corn beach (a beach where originally red algarve is turned into white popcorn shaped “rocks”).

I walked on the sunset and struggled to fully enjoy the sea, sound of waves and pink sky.

When I returned to my hotel I did not feel like eating at all.
So not like me.

I forced myself to eat a little bit of dinner, left my wine untouched and crawled into bed.

“Maybe an early night will help and I can sleep the discomfort away”, I thought.

In an hour my head was in a toilet bowl. My stomach was feeling so bad and vomiting was a relief. Even though it is a messy relief.

I went back to bed.

“Ok, now sleepy time”

Wishful thinking.

In about two hours I was throwing up again.
I even got the floor and wall tiles dirty with the insides of the belly.

I was feeling cold and warm.
I was feeling too sick to sleep.

Around 4 am I started to feel a bit better and finally fell asleep.
I was still feeling unwell when I got up just before 10 am.

I ate a bit of watermelon, papaya and I had juice.
Went back to sleep.

In the afternoon I looked at my phone.
Sanni had sent the latest newsletter.
Titled “Love whatever is”.

At times that is easier than other times.

When did you last time feel really awful and appreciated being well in a new way (until you forgot how bad you felt for a while)?

What do you appreciate in your life at this very moment? ❤️


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