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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

Kasia told me to write this….

Do you allow yourself to be lazy?

This is a question I am asking you and pondering it myself too.

I am writing this on Tuesday.
Pete, I and a bunch of other lovely people are here in Syvilla in Finland starting the 8-Day Intensive.

I am excited to start it and just love the 8-Day Intensives

I love the community we create together and how deep we can go.
I am witnessing compassion and support towards each other – as well as anger, sadness and shame.
Being real is so rewarding for me.

I was eating my breakfast in our big kitchen this morning with a few others.
I had toasted rye bread, over easy eggs, a slice of cheese and decaf coffee with almond milk.
We had a chat and I asked what would be a good topic for this week’s newsletter.

“Write about being lazy and resting”, said Kasia – a friend, a fellow Rh trainer and our cook for this retreat Katarzyna Mitchke.

“It’s important to ask: Do you allow yourself to be lazy?”,
she continued.

I like the idea.
This got a conversation going between Kasia, myself and Trainer candidate Christian Zehetner who is assisting us this week.

Kasia reminds me to mention that allowing yourself to rest and be lazy is often related to your self-worth. ❤️

Ask yourself: are you allowed to take a rest?
Do you feel guilty when you rest?

Let’s explore this:
What is the right amount of work after which you are allowed to rest?

What laziness means to you?

Is it you being a bad person? Maybe non-productive?

Is it the voice of your dad, mom, teacher or maybe a grandparent?

Christian tells me that he hears the voice of his grandfather when he wants to take a rest.
He should work more, be more productive, be more of something.

Is it: much needed restoration and time for your body & mind to recharge?

Or even a creative break?
Recognizing that you can be more effective and creative when you regularly rest?

Kasia told us that she has learned to ask herself: do I want to make an effort or do I not want to make an effort?

“I used to feel guilty of taking a break. I find this formulation far more empowering”, she says.

I asked Kasia if she has any final words and she said:
“Rest people!”

She added that for her resting consciously really works: reminding herself that rest and being lazy is the best self care.

When she notices that she is feeling guilty about resting she reminds herself that that rest is good. It is about love. ❤️

She is loving herself when she rests.

My question to you is: are you allowed to rest and be lazy without feeling guilty?
Do you need to complete a to-do list before resting?

A bit related to the topic: here is a video of self-care

What thoughts come to you about this newsletter?

When was the last time you were lazy?

Tuulia (& Pete)

Have you seen our new retreat center Syvilla?

We have bunch of retreats coming this year: Couples retreat (fully booked) and Family & Friends retreat in August and Practitioner & Advanced retreat in November! And more next year!

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