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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Ladies in high heels walking their little fancy dogs

Summerly Paris…

Parks, beautiful old buildings, people in flowery dresses and colorful outfits, terasses full of people with their latte or white wine. Ladies in high heels walking their little fancy dogs.

Eiffel Tower.
Seine with boats.
Some people are lazing on the riverside.
Notre Dame.
Sacre Coeur.
Small Cheese and delicatessen stores.

I am almost there.
Feeling the spring air of Paris.
Looking at all the weird, beautiful and exciting outfits people are wearing.
Noticing uncomfortably high heels and short skirts.

I am almost there.
I am there.
Well, through my screen.

This is my guilty pleasure.
Emily in Paris, a series about a sweet yet in some ways stereotypical young American woman moving to Paris to work in marketing.

I like that the series is marked “Camp”. The series is a bit naive and surreal.
It is mostly sweet and kind of innocent.
Entertaining to me.

This is my trip to Paris while I stay home.
I like watching non series and yet positive and sweet stuff.
Another I really liked is Matchmakers in Mumbai.
And “Love”.

With Pete I have been watching Love in the Spectrum.
I very much enjoy how people in the autism spectrum are looking for love and how open and sweet they are.
I love how they seem good on their date even when it is totally not a match.
Something for all of us to learn.

I enjoy sweetness, kindness, seeing good in people and the world.
And this is very different from being stupid or naive.
For me it is choosing kindness over being mean, nasty or taking revenge.

I notice warmness in my face writing all this.
I just finished watching the last episodes of the second season of Emily in Paris.
I hope they will make more!

My other quilty pleasure is romance novels.

The last one was the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley. They are kind of unbelievable and I don’t like private jets and yachts. And I gorge on them…

Don’t tell anyone!

Another pleasure I have with Pete is watching cult documentaries (there are surprisingly many of them and some really intriguing and some very well made), maybe this one is even more weird. And it is another story indeed.

❤️ What is your (quilty) pleasure?
What is relaxing and easy going for you?

How do you feel when you are taking time off and just giving yourself permission to enjoy your binge watching or binge reading or other stuff?

Tuulia (& Pete)
PS: Are you planning to spend all summer with netflix or maybe it’s time for honesty?
This summer’s retreats are now starting to fill up.
The Couples retreat in August is fully booked with a long waiting list.

8-Day Intensive 16-24 May takes place in our new retreat center Syvilla!
Enjoy lake, sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, rowing the boat and sessions also outside as the weather allows!
This is the first time we are organizing an 8-day Intensive in our own place and I’m excited!

The traditional Summer retreat in July is also in the swing! It takes place for the eighth time 12-16 July in Orivesi Finland. ☀️

Did you notice the last addition:
Honesty and Conscious Touch retreat 5-9 July
in Orivesi!
Pete and I will lead this retreat together with lovely Radical Honesty trainer & tantra teacher Michael Kreuzwieser.

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