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Let’s talk about vaccinations!

Let’s talk about vaccinations!
And covid.

Or not.

For me vaccinations are not an important topic to debate in workshops or in my life in general.

Read again: not important to debate.

I am not saying covid or vaccinations are not an important topic. I am saying debating about them is not interesting to me. And debates on these topics don’t tend to lead anywhere except everyone digging their heels even deeper into their opinions.

We only create distance with debates that lead nowhere.

What is important though is how people feel about covid and the vaccination.

I want to hear about fear, worries, wishes, shame, joy.

Feelings are important to me.

Also very important to me is: me being willing to hear and witness even when I disagree.

And to have people around me who are willing to hear me.

We don’t need to agree to care about each other.

We don’t need to have the same interests or ideas to like each other and respect each other.

In my opinion we are connected by far deeper things than interests.

We are connected in our humanity: us being vulnerable human beings who try our best to be loved and be seen. We all struggle and have joy and happiness. We all have hurts from the past and try in our own way to cope with them.

After a break I am back recording videos to our YouTube channel Honesty Europe.

You are invited to subscribe to the channel to get notifications of new videos! They are currently coming up every week!

A few days back I got a request to give some tips about how to talk about covid and especially vaccinations in radically honest way. It’s a very timely topic as people talk about pros and cons of vaccinations in our workshops and tend to get pretty heated and moralistic about it.

I prefer concentrating on emotions, fears and worries and meeting the other people eye to eye and hearing rather than right-wrong games.

For transparency: I am vaccinated.

I feel okay with my choice.

I don’t think vaccinations are totally harmless and I do think getting covid can be more harmful.

You might disagree with my choice.

I imagine I’ll be okay with you having a different opinion of my choice than me. I do not want you to try to convince me though that my choice was a wrong one.
I am willing to hear your fears, worries and hopes about covid though.

Here is the video I recorded about how to talk about vaccination in radically honest way:

What is arising in you when you watch the video?

Do you often get caught in right and wrong debates in your life?

What topics do you want to hear in my upcoming videos?

Let me know via email or post in Honesty Europe Facebook group or Honesty Europe community Facebook group – this one is a closed group for people who have already joined a workshop or retreat with us, it’s a very nice & active community group!

I wish you a lovely week regardless of your opinions of vaccinations!

Tuulia (& Pete)

PS: Did you notice that Micha Küchler and I are leading a Radical Honesty weekend workshop in Copenhagen 28-30 January 2022!?

I am looking forward to being back in Copenhagen again, it’s been four years since I led a workshop there last time 🙂

If you have friends in Denmark will you let them know about the workshop! I want to support our Danish Radical Honesty friends to grow the honesty community there.

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