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Little did I know arriving in Thessaloniki…

When I got out of the airport doors I felt hot and heavy air, quite different from the German early summer where I arrived from.

I was searching for a local bus to take me to the bus terminal in Thessaloniki.
I was on my way to my first Radical Honesty retreat with Brad Blanton in Greece and felt nervous and excited.

Even without thinking of the retreat I felt worried about making it to the bus to Volos on time and getting a ticket for it.

The traffic in central Thessaloniki was busy and car horns beeping.
Our bus was stuck in a traffic jam.

My armpit felt sweaty.
I wish I had some water.

I was getting unsure where to get off the bus.

I made it in time to the bus terminal and to the bus. They even had a few tickets left.
My stomach felt a bit more relaxed even though now I had time to think and worry about the upcoming workshop.

I enjoyed looking at the mountain and sea scenery sitting in my soft bus seat.
Still a little sweaty.

I arrived in the seaside city of Volos and looked for transportation over the mountains to go to Kissos village on Pelion peninsula.

A taxi was waiting for me and a few other people travelling to Kalikalos Holistic center.

It was summer 2012 and my first Radical Honesty workshop.

Almost 10 years ago.

I had read about Radical Honesty and Brad Blanton – a man at that time already in his 70’s who called himself redneck and enjoyed swearing and being real. A man who got himself arrested many times in demonstrations.

A man who came up with the wording “Get Over Shit and be Happy” and “Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth”.

I was eager to be real and meet other truth tellers.
And nervous.

Little did I know then that the journey which started sitting in a circle in a yurt under hot Greece sun would lead me to drop my day job and become a full time Radical Honesty trainer, therapist and workshop leader.

I thought I would never run my own business – I saw too many bad examples of entrepreneurs in my family working too much and having too little out of work life.

Here I am ten years later.
Having the time of my life.
Happy as hell.

Feeling free and finding most days as an adventure.
Having the best romantic relationship ever and rewarding work and lifestyle.

I am not apologizing for being alive and happy any more.
I am hiding my talents far less and feeling proud of myself a lot of the time.

When I ponder the questions what do I want or what is missing, I come up with very little. I already have a lot.
And if I have an idea I will make it happen.

What have you made happen for yourself?
What is really great about your day?

Tuulia (& Pete)

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