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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Little exercise for you!

Regards from the little sweet village of Oberreute, in Bavaria close to the Austrian boarder!
Pete and I are here training future Radical Honesty trainers and meeting with other owners of Radical Honesty Institute. 

Last week I shared about a few realizations I got while talking with Anna, Bernie and Pete.

I am curious to learn:
What have you learned about yourself lately?
What are you curious about?

What parts of you are hidden, you have just a small hint of them?

What parts do you rather not look at (even though you know they are there)?

I propose you explore those hidden parts of yourself with curiosity and compassion.
What could you find with fresh eyes?

Maybe you are far more complex and versatile than you thought!

Trying to drop the attitude “This is how I am. This is the way I have always been”.

I think it is refreshing to explore yourself without all the ideas and thoughts of who you are and who you should be.

Here is a little exercise for you:

Ask three people how they see you.
These people could be your family members, your friends, your romantic partner(s), neighbours, co-workers, ex friends or past lovers.

Tell them that you want them to be honest and straight with you. And that you are willing to answer them too if they wish for that.
This can start a pretty interesting dialogue and learning.
I am proposing these questions:

– What are the key words or characteristics you would describe me with?

– What is great about me for you?

– What is challenging about me for you?

– What kind of thoughts you have about me?

– How do you feel when you are with me?

– How do you feel with me right now?


Asking even one person might be already pretty interesting and telling – and connecting!

Of course you can do this exercise with your Radical Honesty friends – your Buddies you met in a workshop or in Practitioner Program or in a upcoming retreat

As you most likely know by now I am curious to hear how this was for you.
Will you share?

You can reach me via Messenger, or just by replying to this message.

Or you can share in facebook groups: Honesty Europe practise group – or if you already joined a workshop or retreat with us in Honesty Europe Community group.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then: enjoy your summer – the sunny days and rainy days!

Tuulia (& Pete)

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