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Anna Haas

I’m a Trainer-in-Training from Berlin. I came across Radical Honesty in 2016. I ‘ve always preferred talking about “real stuff” instead of small talk (and still found myself caught up in it way too often) and I had been longing for deeper connections with people and for more freedom (and thought that this was an unsolvable contradiction). So Radical Honesty was love at first sight while being quite sceptical at the same time. I thought: “This is great! But I don’t think it’s necessary to express unreasonable resentments and I will definitely never want to do the naked work.”

So here I am now, two years later, having done two 8-day retreats with naked work, getting to enjoy the expression of unreasonable resentments both ways (and usually feeling much closer to the person afterwards) and having done a Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training in June in 2018. I’m greedy! I want more of this in my life and I want to share it with as many people as possible. I love the feeling of deep connection and freedom that we can create by being more honest to each other and expressing our own unique self.

And I’m nowhere near the end of my own journey. I still find myself holding back things, not expressing all of my wishes, getting angry at “no’s” after I have expressed a wish, starting to argue over interpretations of reality, forgetting to be aware of noticing. And then I judge myself for it and think that I should do a better job, and then I remember that “shoulding” is bad, but “bad” doesn’t exist, and “every job worth doing is worth doing badly” and then I smile, and notice, and start again.

Until May 2019, I will be assisting Tuulia & Pete (and Jakob at times) on several weekend and residential workshops all over Europe and will start offering Radical Honesty evenings in Berlin. I’m looking forward to this new adventure and to possibly meeting you on my way!

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