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Bernhard Reingruber

My name is Bernhard. You can call me Bernie. Since my first Radical Honesty workshop in 2017, I consider myself a recovering nice-guy. I have often been (and still am at times) concerned with doing things the “right” way and making no mistakes — a perfect life that left me stressed, inauthentic, and frequently disconnected. In order to not offend anyone and be liked by everyone, I fabricated a neat, friendly, smiley, social mask. Without it, I was scared, sometimes even running away from groups and social situations, or hiding behind a sophisticated verbal shield, being impressive in the face of fear. What a great leader! (NOT.. sarcasm alert!)

Through Radical Honesty, I have glimpsed (and continue glimpsing) at how letting go of all of that exhausting controlling stuff can be freeing yet also enormously empowering. It’s sensing and relating in a world that is too unpredictable and ambiguous to do anything else anyway. I love it! And I feel like living more and more grounded in reality, being more helpful for friends and colleagues who need advice or guidance, and even leading teams and groups with a lot less drama than I used to.

So, after attending a number of Radical Honesty workshops and a Trainer’s Training, I find myself as a Trainer-in-Training and there is much more to come! Even though, I still sometimes find myself in between terror and joy when relating and sharing honestly, I came to love the ride. The ride of MY life rather than the one that others might want me to lead or find more comfortable. And I want to share this love with as many people as possible. I want to spray it across the walls (which I won’t in actuality) and scream it from the tops of roofs (which I might) and I notice that I still hesitate following through with these “stupid” ideas that “you should not do” — there’s still a way to go for me and I’m on it.

By the way: In my day job, I work as Regional Director of Teach For Austria in my home region. I am responsible for bringing a group of highly motivated talents from different academic backgrounds into the most challenging schools where they work as teachers with the goal to make a lasting difference in the lives of children who start life at a disadvantage. I think that’s also a great place to bring more honesty.


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