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Chelsea Workman Honesty Europe

Chelsea Workman

I am an aspiring Radical Honesty trainer, and trainee/assistant to Tuulia and Pete.

When I was first introduced to Radical Honesty by Bernie, something in my body seemed to scream ‘YES’! and I fell in love with the practice right then and there.

Since then, I have practiced Radical Honesty two years and counting, led weekly meetups in my city, completed the Honesty Europe Practitioner Program as well as the Radical Honesty Trainer Foundations Course, and most recently, was very excited when asked to help lead some of the group work and hot seat sessions at the summer retreat in Finland. I’m looking forward to taking on more of a facilitator role in the next few years.

Currently I live and work in Linz, Austria, where I’m putting my B.A. in International Management to use by supporting a global pet-tech company as a Customer Happiness and Content Manager.

Writing is a passion of mine, so in my free time I also work on developing my blog, Honesty with Chelsea. I love to be radically open and transparent, (for example in my article on learning to love my body hair), and consider it a speciality of mine to make myself vulnerable with others, inviting them to do the same.

I wasn’t always this way. Most of my life I have been the quiet type – it was only after moving to Germany and working as an English teacher in 2012 that I really started to come out of my shell.

Before that, I was a shy, self-conscious, and often sad kid. I grew up in a loving, albeit dysfunctional American family. As the middle child I learned to literally and figuratively hide myself to stay out of trouble, avoid confrontation or any kind of punishment that could be doled out at a moment’s notice.

My favorite coping mechanism was to find a quiet place to sit and be alone with my thoughts. Rather than sharing my feelings out loud, I wrote poems to express my emotions, which always seemed to be bubbling up inside of me. I imagine there has always been a lot going on beneath my calm, collected demeanor. 

At the moment, I’m working on freeing myself from some of the other strategies I learned as a young person to get by. For example, I learned how to keep my voice down, how to control myself at all costs, suppress my anger and other unruly emotions, generally be good, please others, do as I’m told, not ask for too much, and if I didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I learned to take care of and help others whenever possible, sometimes at the expense of my own needs. I also learned to be grateful for my circumstances, be compassionate, independent and self-sufficient, and work hard. 

As I got older, I discovered I had a wide range of interests, an active and open mind, and a strong personality of my own. As a young adult I worked at Whole Foods Market, where I became passionate about plant-based nutrition, sustainability and social business. I was proud to support the Whole Planet Foundation every year by raising money for the non-profit, which empowers women entrepreneurs in developing countries through microloans. Later I led a student organization at my university in Germany, where we organized similar fundraisers and projects to support social and environmental causes.

Now, I’m mostly happy spending my time focused on work, Radical Honesty training, writing, and some other hobbies like my Existential Kink support group. I’m in therapy working to uncover my patterns in romantic relationships and learn how I can develop new, healthier ones. After a recent painful breakup brought me face to face with my core wounds and despair, my dream is to use the experiences I’m having now to support others one day in living out their best, biggest lives. My greatest revenge? To become a Radical Honesty and relationship expert!

For me, Radical Honesty encompasses a wide range of topics that I have always been passionate about:

Philosophy: What is the relationship between man and world? 

Psychology: What makes people tick? 

Psychotherapy: How to overcome our personal challenges? 

Meditation: What happens when we quiet the mind? 

Communication: How can I most effectively relate with others? 

Personal Development: How can I live my best life, and self-actualize?

Spirituality: Who am I?

Since starting this journey, I’ve grown into myself – more comfortable in my skin, in who I am, and taken ownership of my life, and how I show up in this world. I’ve connected authentically with complete strangers, and turned them into lifelong friends. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This quote sums it up so nicely:

“Out beyond ideas

 of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

 there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”

― Rumi

So, will I meet you there – at an upcoming workshop

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