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Hannah Schrems headshot for Honesty Europe

Hannah Schrems

Hi, I am Hannah!

I am a certified Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate [somebody started that with the “certified” Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate and I like it, because it shows that for me it was not an easy title to gain and I went through quite some processes before becoming one].

I am also a life coach, certified trainer and workshop leader for adults, a teacher for middle schools, (Yin) yoga trainer, dance instructor, a coach and trainer for teachers and I have a Master’s degree in International Development and two more University degrees. Blablabla…

Much more important than all that:

I imagine I am a quite lovely person with a huge heart who loves supporting people by going with them through their shit and to their scary places and by showing them how to express themselves in a way they can feel more connected to themselves and others.

A bit about my life and my way with Radical Honesty:

I was only 14 years old when I went the first time to a psychosocial service asking for support. I was already aware that I had a very hard time regulating and expressing my emotions, was struggling with depression and loneliness. I was aware that I needed more support than was given to me by my quite dysfunctional family who I did not live with anymore at that time. I had my share of experiences of abandonment, abuse, alcoholism, and violence while growing up and still up to my twenties. I tried a lot of personal growth courses, years of intense therapy and coaching and even before Radical Honesty I tried talking to my parents several times about my past to have some kind of disclosure or completion. Radical Honesty turned things much faster and radically around than any of the support systems I had sought in the 15 years before I found Radical Honesty in October 2017. I learned expressing myself in a way that finally allowed me to have some peace with my past and live more in the present moment and create the life I want and deepen my relationships. Now I want to support others in creating the life they want.

Me about me as a coach ?:

Hannah has great intuition and oftentimes finds the right buttons to push with her coaching suggestions and brings people to the core of their experience. Especially due to her experiences during her childhood she is very comfortable and confident going into discomfort and can guide participants in re-experiencing pain, fear, anger and sadness while holding them in the present moment. Her coaching style is a great mixture of compassionate, comforting softness and firmness in keeping the participants in their experience and encouraging them to look at the thoughts and emotions they don’t want to see or admit in that very moment, which are sometimes the “golden nuggets” for some shift, growth and transformation.

A former client about me as a coach:

“Hannah listens very carefully and leads you to the core of your experience. I feel heard in her coaching and attended to. She stays calm and reacts with great competence and clarity to conflict situations and situations where heavy emotions are present and gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. She highlights dynamics and things and gets to points, that helped me shift and which I could not have seen myself.”

-Karen from Vienna

Currently I am living in Vienna, Austria enjoying life, dancing and climbing a lot and growing my (online) business to be able to live as a digital nomad and workshop and retreat leader and making plans for my next trip to Latin America.

Apart from my work as a life coach, I also coach and train teachers.

If you want to learn more, visit my websites [in German]:

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