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Join the team?

Do you want to join our team? At our workshops, we sometimes have space available for cooks and/or helpers. We’re also often in need of Finnish language editors, workshop promoters and photographers. For such positions, we’re open to doing work exchange.

Do you want to organize an RH workshop for us to lead in your area? We’re open to collaborating with local workshop organizers (who, ideally, have prior experience with organizing and promoting events / workshops).

Trainee Program

Do you have several RH workshops under your belt and want to take your skills to a higher level so you can support others? Our 12-month trainee program allows one to:

  • assist and help at our weekend, residential and 8-day workshops;
  • gain support and participate in team get-togethers with trainers during the workshop;
  • have coached meetings / video calls for refletion and support for their own process;
  • plan meetings / calls for each workshop;
  • and receive ongoing support from our trainers.

Trainees are expected to write a brief report about the workshops they are involved in (noting what they did well and where they have room to improve, reflecting on any triggers they notice in themselves and posing any questions they may have).

During the year, trainees will learn how to coach people both in workshop groups and one-on-one, how to handle difficult situations and how to organize and run workshops/evenings/Meetups. The Trainee Program is limited to two English-speaking trainees and one Finnish-speaking trainee per year.

Email us to learn more about the program.

Radical Honesty Practitioner Program

Do you want to dive deep into living a Radically Honest life and enhance your truthtelling muscle and noticing skills? This program provides practitioners with a solid practice and support for a year in telling the truth, living in the moment, creating the future they want and learning to ask for everything they want. This 12-month program includes participation in weekend and residential workshops, monthly coaching calls and ongoing support by our trainers. The program is limited to four participants per year.

Learn more about the Radical Honesty Practitioner Program.

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