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Kasia Mitschke

My name is Katarzyna Mitschke, I’m Polish and I’m a Radical Honesty Trainer in Training, aka TiT (and this acronym amuses me). Discovering Radical Honesty in 2017 has been a blessing for me, but initially, it’s put me on a rocky road. Even though I had been in therapy before, only accessing my anger through Radical Honesty has led me to remember some deeply buried pain from my childhood: the memories of my father being drunk, my mother being worried and absentminded, trying to manage my dad’s behavior and other people’s opinions about our family… The image of a happy childhood I had had in my head was ruined. Since then I’ve walked a long way, reconnecting to feelings of fear, anger, and grief, as well as feelings of love, joy, and gratitude, talking to my family members and friends about what I remember and how I feel about it, and owning the strategies I had developed in order to cope with childhood adversities.

I no longer identify as a victim of my story. I see my parents as humans – complex and imperfect, who gave me a lot of support and have put me through some shit. I talk to them regularly and often enjoy that contact. I see myself as human and focus more on what I experience than on how I perform. I am surrounded by people I love and who love me. I do work that I like and take good care of my body. From a self-improvement junkie, I turned into a functioning adult, good enough as I am – and curious of who I am and what is out there to discover.

In this challenging process, I’ve learned that I have friends I can count on, who love me exactly for who I am – and that I am much stronger than I thought. I’ve learned and am still learning how to be loving and compassionate towards myself and not buy into my inner critic’s voice. Radical Honesty community has been a great support in that learning. For over three years I have cooked on Honesty Europe retreats all over Europe, which was an amazing adventure, huge learning, and beautiful time with friends.

I like to say that professionally I have already lived one full life: as an author and educator, passionate about alternative education and attachment parenting. I co-founded an alternative school, taught workshops, coached parents and teachers, wrote a book about how to support children in natural learning and unschool the way we think about life and growth. I still coach parents who want to update their beliefs about how people learn and see their children as perfectly capable of learning what they need to learn without adults telling them what they should and shouldn’t do.

Currently, I am mainly focused on developing my skills as a Radical Honesty trainer and coach, bringing Radical Honesty to Poland, and working on my relationships patterns so that I can create a fun, loving relationship and start a family.

I enjoy creating and holding safe, encouraging workshop spaces where people feel free to explore who they are and what they are capable of. I am passionately leading myself and others to be more self-accepting, less should-driven, and more curious and considerate of themselves and the outside world. I love to accompany people in making new discoveries about the inner and outer world.

Besides all that I love reading, dancing, cuddling, skinny-dipping, hiking, and walking in the woods.

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