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Are you up for a transformative experience? 8-Day Intensive 4-12 December in Germany!

Kasia Mitschke

I first heard about Radical Honesty from a friend who had read Brad’s book and was in awe. She said I’d love it and she was right. I knew for sure that I wanted to attend the workshop and I had no idea how great a change that would bring to me. Since October 2017, I’ve done three Radical Honesty 8-day workshops and several shorter Radical Honesty retreats. I was the cook at most of those. I enjoy the intense presence, rawness, vulnerability and connection that I feel when I share honestly with others. And I love combining this practice with smelling the smells, feeling the textures and seeing the colors of the food as I cook for the group. And I enjoy thinking that what I cook is nourishing for our bodies and senses.

Besides doing workshops, I write about honest relating, unschooling, child development and parent-children communication. I used to run a democratic school and I’m thinking about doing that again at some point. I’ve recently finished writing my first book for parents. Now I want to write another one, for children.

I’ve always considered myself to be an honest person and I imagine many times I was sharing my truth while, at the same time, disconnecting from the sensations in my body. Now, staying present as I speak or listening to others is my great pleasure. I love the simplicity of this work. I think a lot and can create incredibly complicated concepts and ideas about how I should be and what I should do and what this or that means. I imagine I’m less attached to these thoughts now or, at least, I notice it more easily when I become attached and practice letting go.

My favorite phrases that I hear at the workshops (and then repeat to myself) are: “What do you notice in your body?”, “Just keep feeling that” and “You don’t need to be any different.”

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