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Micha Küchler

Hello, I’m Micha. I was born in Switzerland in 1982 and I currently live in the beautiful city of Bern. I’m a Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate and I’m looking forward to writing in my bio: “I’m the first certified Radical Honesty Trainer in Switzerland”. Yay!

I judge that I’m an idealist. I want to make this world a better and more beautiful place. That’s why I work in the field of progressive political campaigning. That’s why I was very invested in theater and other artistic work for many years. And it’s also the reason why I want to support others in developing their capacity to relate to others and themselves more honestly.

I got into Radical Honesty in 2017. I was recovering from a relationship in which I had been lied to a lot and I was having hard time trusting people – and myself. The first workshop totally blew my mind. I could tell people what I had been hiding from the world (and even myself) for years and they did not turn away! Quite the contrary: by sharing what I had labelled as “not shareable” I connected to them in a way I had never experienced before. It almost felt like magic. I fell in love with this work and continuously made it into a centerpiece of how I live my everyday life. I cleaned up shit from the past. I developed the capacity to live in the present – and I started to create the future I want.

I still make it complicated to write this intro about me. I grew up with the belief that putting myself out there with self-confidence, saying “Here I am, look at me! I am Micha and I do this and I’m good at it!” is bragging. And bragging is baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Veeerry baaaaad.

There are quite a lot of other beliefs I held dear for a long time:

  • I should always know what I want. If I don’t, something is wrong with me. I have an under-developed capacity to make decisions.
  • I’m too old for many things I want. I should have started earlier. Now it’s too late.
  • If I say “Yes” to something I am never ever again allowed to say “No”.
  • Something is wrong with my body when it does not do what I want it to do or does not feel the way I want it to feel.
  • I should do things 100% right.
  • I should always be nice and entertaining with people. That’s the only way to make them like me. My anger is destructive. I should suppress it. Being jealous and envious is not acceptable!

And most of all, I was convinced that I was the only person in the world making my life miserable with all these thoughts. Thanks to Radical Honesty I developed the capacity to see these beliefs as what they are: Beliefs. And I realized that I’m not bound to be a slave to them. And that I can transform them.

  • I’m okay even if sometimes I don’t know what I want. And I know what I want far more often than I told myself.
  • I’m the youngest Micha I’ll ever get. So start doing what you want now.
  • I give myself the permission to say yes and no in every single moment.
  • My body is my friend. I want to listen to him.
  • Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly.
  • I’m okay when I’m angry as much as I am okay when I’m friendly. I want to be genuinely who and how I am in every single moment.

By practicing Radical Honesty I have been able to move from a place of beating myself up a lot (I should live differently!) to a path of self-compassion and self-empowerment (I can live the life I want!). I love it! And the journey has only begun. Do you want to join for a ride?


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