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Micha Küchler

I am Micha Küchler. And I am the first Certified Radical Honesty Trainer in Switzerland. I like writing that about me.

Beyond that, I don’t really like writing these “about me” texts. So I asked my friend and Radical Honesty Trainer colleague Kasia to write a few words about how she perceives me as a Radical Honesty Practitioner and Trainer:

“One can tell that when meeting Micha: he is a contactful, straightforward and empathetic trainer. People who work with him often report feeling safe and cared for. He has exquisite skills of cutting through the bullshit with warmth, sensitivity and humor.”

I like this. And I recognize myself in these words.

I have always wanted to make this world a better and more beautiful place. That desire drove me to engage in theater and other artistic work, to study history and philosophy, and to work in the field of progressive political campaigning. I like a lot of these things. And often, “something” was missing.

Discovering Radical Honesty in 2017 was a game changer. By sharing what I had previously labelled as “not shareable”, I connected to others in a way I had never experienced before. That gave me the courage to reveal more of my thoughts and emotions to people in my life, and by doing so, I cleaned up a lot of shit from my past. I transformed my life into something more beautiful, more true to who I really am.

For me, practicing Radical Honesty is a path of self-compassion and self-empowerment. I fell in love with this work and continuously made it into a centerpiece of how I live my everyday life. I’ve been on this journey myself for many years and I want to support those who want to walk their own adventurous path, too.


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