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Michael Kreuzwieser

I am a certified Radical Honesty Trainer and I lead transformative evenings, ​seminars and retreats about honesty and intimacy. I combine honest communication, embodiment practices, Tantra and conscious touch. I facilitate evenings and introductions of Radical Honesty wherever I am (mostly in Europe), ongoing groups and co-facilitate Radical Honesty weekend workshops. I also love to coach couples to deepen and heal their relationships with honesty and conscious touch.

I’ve been learning and practicing Radical Honesty since 2014, when I attended my first workshop and finally understood how I create all my own misery and drama. And how I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own shit. After that, I attended several more workshops and retreats and then later also started to co-lead workshops. 

I worked for several years as a Somatic Bodywork coach. I’m also a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a trained tantric massage therapist. I spent years with training body attention and how to spend more time in the body than in the mind. I love creating spaces for people to connect deeper to their body, sensations, aliveness and intuition.

I have a deep passion to support people in taking full responsibility for their experiences and for their life. I see honest communication as well as nonverbal communication through touch and movement as a key to more personal freedom, intimacy and happiness. |

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