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Michaela Weichselbaum

Hey there, I’m Michaela. I make myself happy you are here on this page with me.

When I went to my first Radical Honesty Workshop in 2017, I felt excited and wanted to experiment. I have always considered myself an honest and upfront person, so I thought I would be in for an adventurous but comfortable weekend. Yet boy, was I wrong.

Through Radical Honesty I found out how much I was actually hiding from the world all along. I became aware exactly when and where I was not speaking my truth – be it not to hurt somebody or because I wanted to be liked – I, like everybody else, suppressed anger, fear, shame and other emotions because I thought it would serve me better and I’d achieve more of what I wanted doing so. With the help of Radical Honesty, I realized how much tension I actually created in my life doing so and how suppressing these emotions still shaped my life & personality. Thus, I decided to keep practicing, attended more workshops, and developed my noticing & practicing skills as a way of being present in this world with others.

What I like most about this work is that it teaches me time and time again to become aware of what’s going on in the here and now and to stay present with myself while being in connection with others. Practicing that, I can get a clearer understanding of what is actually happening and not identify myself with only one interpretation of reality. Showing up in this way, I can create even deeper and meaningful connections with the people around me. And, of course, that’s a constant work in progress – yet a rewarding one.

Besides Radical Honesty I have further education in coaching and life counseling as well as organizational development and systemic consulting.

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