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Honesty Europe Team Bio Pete Jordan

Pete Jordan

I was born and raised in San Francisco and spent 12 years traveling around the U.S. in a quest to work dishwashing jobs in all 50 American states (which I documented in my book Dishwasher).

In 2015, I nervously and reluctantly attended my first RH workshop, which blew my mind. I then eagerly participated in dozens more RH workshops / meetings and transformed my life for the better by committing to live honestly, by expressing my resentments and appreciations in the moment and by asking for what I want.

A major breakthrough for me was having honest talks with my ex-partners and family members. I have broken the traditions of my childhood family and began to talk about things I was too afraid and embarrassed to talk about.

I am now the only certified Radical Honesty trainer in the Benelux countries. Working alongside my (romantic and business) partner Tuulia, I organize and co-lead RH workshops around Europe. Workshop participants have told me I have great listening and observing skills. I enjoy continually improving these skills as I support others to live happier, freer lives.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been living in Amsterdam and I still make myself happy each day that I wake up in that city. I’m passionate about urban cycling and for more than a decade, I have routinely contributed my writing and photographs to several Dutch cycling publications.

When I’m not busy organizing or co-leading Radical Honesty workshops, I enjoy spending time with my teenage son and/or meandering around Amsterdam on my bike. I’m currently enrolled in the 3-year Somatic Experiencing program working towards becoming an SE Practitioner.

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