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“Sunshine!” I immediately said when my partner Pete asked me what I was going to write about in my next newsletter. My spontaneous response was probably inspired by me enjoying the sun shining on my face through the window of my log cabin while hoping to enjoy more of it in between the cloudy and rainy days.

My response was probably also influenced by how lovely and important feeling warmth on my face and body is to me. By how much I enjoy the sun and the sensations of warmth it creates on my skin. And by how much I enjoy knowing the sun is free and accessible to all of us.

In the past, I didn’t used to notice many of my physical sensations. Sure, sometimes I noticed pins and needles in my legs after sitting for a long time. Other times I noticed a headache or tension in my stomach when I was nervous. In most moments, though, I didn’t notice anything physically as I was too busy living in my mind.

These days, however, I notice much more of what is happening with my body. I notice the warmth of the sunshine or the wetness of the rain or the chill of the wind on my face. I notice when there’s tightness in my stomach, when my shoulders are up and tight. when my hands are shaking. Right now, I notice how my butt feels on this seat and how my feet feel on the floor.

Noticing helps to ground me in the here and now. I invite you to notice as often as possible. You can start with simple things: how your neck or chest feel against the fabric of your shirt or sweater, how your butt feels on your seat, how the hair feels on your neck, how the water feels when you wash your hands, how the toothbrush feels on your gums, how the toothpaste tastes, etc. Being in the here and now is a good place to be as it’s the only place that is real. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will always be a day away.

What do you notice in your body right now?

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