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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Our dream is shaping up!

This journey started almost two years ago.

I started to dream of a retreat center in Finland. ✨

I am not sure what all contributed to that dream.
For one I wanted to have more of a year-round home base and a place where we don’t need to set up a lot whenever a group arrives and we can be more settled.

I also wanted to travel less and spend more time in one place in nature with Pete.
I also wanted to feel at home in a retreat place rather than worry about damaging or wearing out someone’s property.

Plus it is at times tricky to find retreat spaces that are of our liking: enough nature and privacy around, train access, reasonable price, sauna, double rooms, big kitchen and group space.
And cosy.

In the spring 2021 I shared my idea with Pete and to my surprise he said “why not” and got open to the idea of visiting bigger spaces which were on sale.

I am very happy that Pete is so open to my ideas and we could start dreaming together.

One place I really liked – an old school building turned into a big home – big enough for groups.
It was sold out before we got to see it.

Read more about our conversation to buy a retreat center

Pete and I just finished leading a Practitioner and Advanced retreat in our retreat center Syvilla.

I feel more and more grounded here.
At home.

“Here is a special atmosphere”, said one participant.

“Thank you for sharing your space with us”.

I felt so happy hearing this.
Warmness in my chest and expansion in my stomach.

I love being in nature.
Walking on ice.
Being surrounded by trees.
By a lake.
Carrying firewood.
Having sauna.

I heard woodpecker, swans and cranes.
And many other birds.
Looked at starry night while enjoying jacuzzi with others. ⭐

I think this wont be the last time you hear me writing about Syvilla!

I can’t wait us to be the full owners of Syvilla in 10 months time and make it our home and retreat center.

By the way here is another text I wrote about our journey and excitement about becoming co-owners of a retreat center here.

Where do you feel at home? ❤️

Tuulia (& Pete)

PS: If you want to check Syvilla out yourself there are your options:

* 8-Day Intensive 16-24 May – one spot available!  
* Couples retreat 7-13 August – FULL join waiting list!
* Family & Friends retreat 16-20 August – three spots available!
* Now scheduled: Practitioner and Advanced retreat 1-5 November

And let us know if we have not scheduled the retreat you want to join!

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