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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Honesty &  Conscious Touch Retreat in Finland | 21-25 August 2024 [NEW DATES!]

890.00  incl. VAT 21%

Spots available


Honesty & conscious touch Retreat in Parkano, Finland
21-25 August 2024 [New dates!]

Workshop led by Certified Radical Honesty Trainers, Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan, with Tantra sessions led by Certified RH Trainer and intimacy & conscious touch teacher Michael Kreuzwieser.

This residential retreat is suitable for both beginners to Honesty Europe and/or conscious touch
as well for experienced practitioners of either as well for experienced practitioners of either. The workshop is suitable for both singles and couples and for all genders and sexual orientations.

We’ll spend five days and four nights together in a retreat center beside a beautiful lake and surrounded by a lush forest. Each evening we will relax and bathe in the lakeside wood-burning, log-cabin sauna. This is the same location where we have run Radical Honesty retreats for the past seven years, including three fully booked Honesty & Tantra Retreats.

The retreat will include daily workshop sessions as well as free time for walking in the forest, spending time alone or with others, relaxing.

The group is limited to 16 participants.

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth!

Radical Honesty is about living in the Here and Now. It is a communication tool and lifestyle, which leads you to connect more deeply with others by expressing our fear, anger, appreciation and whatever is arising in the moment. In this retreat we are combining Honesty and conscious Touch to experience and experiment honesty and presence by words, body awareness experiencing.

Content of the training:
The Honesty part of the workshop will include lectures, directed conversations, paired exercises, small group exercises, hot seat work, meditation and much more to help you learn how to relax into intimacy based on being open and honest. All this is geared toward having you learn and practice the distinction between thinking and noticing; the difference between interpreting reality and actually noticing it through direct experience. Then you learn to share what we notice about the reality of our own experience with others, and have it be the basis for true intimacy—learning to love being and love other beings. In this workshop, you can express yourself by laughing, shouting, crying, smiling, sharing and by asking for what you want.

Conscious Touch will support you in being more in your body, feeling, and just being – through
simple embodied practices of relating to meet others openly and creating deep intimacy that
nourishes you.

Through the practices, you will playfully explore how to connect in an effortless way. To experience the power of slowing down in intimate & sensual moments.

In different exercises & rituals you will find new ways and qualities of touch and relating that also help you to connect more with your senses and deep body wisdom. That supports you in being more in your natural flow and create to empowering experiences that you enjoy.

Emotional release practices will help you to move old withheld emotions and sensations to let
go and to become more aware of the actual moment-to-moment experience, as well as to
become more aware of your subtle energies flowing.

Conscious Touch and practicing clear communication leads to feeling and expressing your desires and boundaries more clearly.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

・experience deeper love, connection & intimacy beyond personal stories

・relax with yourself in contact with others

・enrich your life by healing touch and conscious sensuality

・learn the art of asking for what you want

・be more playful, light, and deeply touched at the same time


Honesty Europe’s work is all about direct communication that leads to intimacy. It’s the difference between making a performance and laughing and playing with friends. Honesty is kind of scary fun that turns out better than you thought it would. Lying is work and a pain in the ass and makes you lonesome as hell.

We claim that lying is the major source of all human stress. It wears us out and eventually kills us. When people engage honestly, energy that was wasted maintaining a performance to make an impression is suddenly available for real creativity in playing together. When we admit our pretences we can refresh our relationships and powerfully create new ways of living together.

Conscious Touch
You step beyond conceptual ways of relating and free yourself from your own limitations in touch, intimacy, and sensuality. Sensuality is a door to deeper aliveness and unconditional love. Getting a deeper understanding and realization of your desires and boundaries is a key for deeper trust and happiness. You learn how to shift into more freedom instead of automatic reactions and behaviors in personal and intimate contact. You are the creator of your own experience and there is a strong focus on honesty, authentic expression and deepening your ability to listen to your embodied intelligence.

Tantra is a practice and way of being to connect deeper to yourself beyond the concepts of your mind, your conditioning, and ideas about how you and life are. Tantra is all about experiencing yourself from moment to moment, to take care of yourself, to fully accept what is and live fully and intensely. Tantra is a way to realize your deeper self and that everything you are seeking outside of you already is there inside.

With Tantra you can create deeply nourishing, touching and fulfilling encounters with others and get more connected to your powerful life energy, your joy, your excitement, and love as well as all your pain and fears as a source of energy to live life more fully and to gain more personal freedom. The core is to become more present and aware of the mechanisms that hold you back from experiencing life fully as it is.

Leisure time
We will also have free time for connecting, relaxing, soaking in jacuzzi, walking in the forest, playing games,  spending time by the fire, and appreciating nature in the Finnish nature.

The training will be conducted in English.

Group size
This group is limited to 16 participants.

Leisure time
We will also have free time for connecting, relaxing, saunaing, jacuzzi, playing games such as frisbee golf and croquette, trying out the sup boards, rowing to our nearby island, chatting, walking in the forest, and appreciating nature in the Finnish nature.

The training will be conducted in English. You can do paired exercises together in your joint language.

The retreat will begin on Wednesday 21 August at 17:00 and will conclude on Sunday 25 August  by 12:30.

How does one get there?

Via air from outside Finland: fly to Helsinki airport and then take a two-hour and half train ride to Parkano. (There are also a limited number of flights that also fly in directly to Tampere airport.) From Tampere, we will direct you the rest of the way to the lake (probably via a local bus).

From within Finland, take a train to Parkano. From there, we will direct you the rest of the way to the lake (probably via shared taxi van).

If you drive to the retreat site, we will probably ask you to carpool with others.

You can buy the train tickets via this website
When you a week before you will get the ticket about 5-6 euros cheaper.

Arriving early or staying later – holiday by the lake!
You can arrive early or stay later for €70 per night. Get in touch with with us in case you want to take up this option! The fee includes simple food.
You can relax and enjoy the peaceful nature, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi and swimming.  If you have a car, you can visit the national parks and amazing old forests in the region.
Get in touch with us in case you want to take up this option or let us know closer to the event!

Participants will be asked to assist in the cooking, serving and cleaning up of meals/snacks as a way to help create a community during our five days together. This is commonly done in Honesty Europe’s retreats (and to help get shit done).

The workshop leaders will be certified Radical Honesty Trainers—and married couple—Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan. Conscious touch parts are led by Radical Honesty Trainer and conscious touch teacher Michael Kreutzwieser.

The Early Bird price is  €890 (including 21% VAT).
The Early bird price is valid until 1 July 2023.

The regular price thereafter is €940 (including 21% VAT).

For low income earners and students we offer a discount for staying in your own tent, camper or a wood hammock (provided by us). You can also pay in installments.

We have one single room available for additional fee of €80. Email us in case you want to book one of them.

The fee covers the workshop, healthy vegetarian / vegan meals and snacks, teaching, daily saunas, shared room accommodation in 2 person room or yurt and ongoing support of the group to live out loud.

The price does not include travel to the location, however we can organize a shared taxi van from the railway station.

Kindly bring your own sheets & towels.
You can rent sheet and towels at the location for 20 euros, paid in cash on arrival.

Cancellation terms
Please note that we do not offer refunds. However you can transfer your ticket to another person. Let us know via email in case someone else will take your spot.

Support Available
If paying for this retreat is a financial challenge to you, then please be aware of the existence of the Honesty Europe Support Fund, which offers financial support to those who otherwise could not afford to attend Honesty Europe’s workshops and retreats. Read more about the Support fund here.

Support for BIPOC
If you are low income and are black, indigenous or a person of color (BIPOC), you can request a discount from us.
Message your request to us at:
Note: we might take a few days to answer your request.

Is this workshop for me?
Honesty Europe’s workshop often have therapeutic impacts, however workshops are not therapy and are not meant to replace personal therapy.
This workshop is not for you if you have major untreated traumas.
Our workshops and retreats can be physically and psychologically stressful.
If you have an acute mental health challenge, please first discuss with your therapist / doctor and then with us before registering.
You can reach us at:

Support Available
If paying for this retreat is a financial challenge to you, then please be aware of the existence of the Honesty Europe Support Fund, which offers financial support to those who otherwise could not afford to attend Honesty Europe’s workshops and retreats. Read more about the Support fund here

More information

For more information, please email us at

Book your spot soon! All of our honesty & conscious touch retreats have been full.

You are warmly welcome to join the exciting journey of Honesty and conscious touch!

Tuulia, Michael & Pete

Who are the trainers?
Tuulia Syvänen is the certified Radical Honesty trainer who has led the most RH workshops in Europe. She also does 1:1 and couples coaching. For two decades, she held leadership positions at international, non-profit organizations that are concerned with social and environmental justice issues. A native of Finland, she has lived in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada.

Having grown up in a dysfunctional family—where difficulties and negative feelings were often swept under the rug—Tuulia became passionate about self-expression and self-awareness, and learned the importance of setting one’s boundaries. Most important, she learned the power of honesty. Her life’s mission is to help create more love and connection between people through honest sharing.

Tuulia participated in her first Radical Honesty training in 2012 with the founder of Radical Honesty Dr. Brad Blanton and continued her training under the guidance of Dr. Blanton and RH Master Trainer Taber Shadburne. She has led more around 100 RH workshops in various European countries. She has also attained a four-year certification in the Human-to-Human Therapy Program in Finland and is a certified leader of Dr. Fischer’s Rebuilding Divorce Seminars. She earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Tampere and has a 18-year-old son.

Pete Jordan is the only certified Radical Honesty trainer in the Benelux countries. He organizes and co-leads Radical Honesty workshops around Europe with his wife, Tuulia, as well as does 1:1 coaching.

Pete has changed his life for the better by committing to live honestly, expressing his resentments and appreciations in the moment and by asking for what he wants. A major breakthrough for him was to have honest talks with his ex-wife and four siblings. He has broken the traditions of his childhood’s family and began to talk about things he was afraid of and embarrassed about and what he didn’t like in his childhood.

Pete has great listening skills and he is keen on developing and learning every day. His vision is to support others to live happier, freer lives. Born and raised in San Francisco, Pete has lived in Amsterdam for almost two decades and still makes himself happy each day he wakes up in that city. A writer by profession, Pete has a passion for cycling and has contributed his writing and photographs to several Dutch cycling publications for more than a decade. When he is not organizing or attending Radical Honesty workshops or spending time with his teenaged son, he can be found meandering around Amsterdam on his bike. (And he feels some tightness in his stomach now as he writes this stuff about himself in the third person.)

Michael Kreuzwieser
I am a researcher of Tantra, presence, deep intimate connections, conscious touch, Radical Honesty and embodiment. I have a deep passion and love for people and to support each other to go beyond our conditioning into our natural beauty and full love for life and others. I am very committed to support people in expanding beyond their routines and beliefs and to come to inner peace & silence and full authentic self-expression. I am a creator of safe spaces to explore Tantra, deep honesty, sensuality, transforming touch and embodiment – to spread more self-awareness, self-love and, most importantly, self-responsibility. I teach people the freedom & awareness to create their own happiness and the life they are longing for.

I am very skilled in leading people into a more authentic and alive self expression, to feel deeply and to be more honest and out loud.

In the last years I could let go of old ways of living life and concepts, I let go of fixed structures that don´t serve me anymore and i am in a constant research of how I can invite more freedom and flow into my life.

My life changed profound since I learned to be more honest, to pretend less and to dare to be not liked. Through being radically honest I transformed my inner state from being constantly in war with myself into a most of the time open, curious for life&people and happy state. I regained my qualities of playfulness, joy and deep compassion for people. Tantra helped me to get out of feeling lost, lonely and isolated into deep meaningful encounters and having more flow instead of control and effort.

I have been teaching Tantra & Conscious Touch for several years. I teach what I live and what helps me to become more free & alive. Since 2011, I’ve been teaching a form of Somatic Coaching Bodywork called the Grinberg Method, a powerful body awareness practice. I’ve been leading tantric healing sessions since 2013 and since 2014 I’ve been practicing Radical Honesty and attended several shorter and longer Workshops and 2020 I was certified as Radical Honesty trainer. Since 2015 I facilitate transformative workshops about Body Awareness, Tantra & Conscious Sensuality as well as Radical Honesty.

I regularly facilitate transformative Workshops & Retreats in which I melt together Tantra, Conscious Touch and Radical Honesty. My intention is to create special healing spaces that are easily accessible for everybody – for beginners and more experience participants.


Let’s stay in touch!






Event Details

Date: 21.8.2024

Start time: 17:00

End time: 13:00

Venue: Orivesi

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