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Are you up for a transformative experience? 8-Day Intensive 4-12 December in Germany!

Honesty Europe’s Practitioner Program 2022

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Join a full year’s program with certified Radical Honesty trainers Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan!

This is the down payment for Honesty Europe’s Practitioner program.
Before paying ensure that you have been accepted to the program.

Read more about the Practitioner Program here.

Honesty Europe’s Practitioner Program provides radical honesty practitioners with
a solid practice and support for a year in telling the truth, living in the moment, creating the future you want and learning to ask for everything you want.

The Practitioner Program might be for you if you answer yes to one or many of these questions:

Do you
want to increase honesty, connection and love in your daily life, at work/school or with your loved ones?
– desire to work on your shame, shyness or embarrassment?
– want to stop preventing yourself from expressing yourself fully when angry, sad, attracted, sexually excited and/or joyful?
– want to be fully honest and live to the fullest in the moment even if some people around you might find this to be triggering or challenging?
– improve your love and/or sexual relationships?
– want to get over fear of rejection and get used to hearing both “no” and “yes” as a valid answer you can appreciate?
– want to improve your Radical Honesty skills in ongoing and consistent manner in a safe environment?
– have a fully-fledged Radical Honesty experience and participate multiple workshops?
– desire pursing the path to becoming a trainer and want to work on your personal topics, challenges and triggers?
– want to get ready for our Trainee Program which is focused on developing trainer skills?

During the Practitioner Program you can work on the following topics:

Explore and learn what the purpose of your life is your life purpose.

How do you limit yourself from living a fulfilling, fun and rewarding life.

How to create more joy and happiness in your everyday life.

How to stay more present in the here and now, how stay more in the noticing mode than thinking and analyzing mode.

Learn to recognize and ask for everything you want, and notice when you feel truly a “yes” and “no”.

Work on your habits of people pleasing, making yourself small / putting other before yourself.

Owning and expressing anger directly rather than blamey, guilt-trippy, martyr or passive-aggressive way.

Content of the Practitioner Program

The program includes participation in five workshops, group coaching and individual coaching tailored to your needs and much more:

5 workshops and retreats of your choosing

  • 1-3 weekend workshops
  • 1-3 retreats
  • One 8-day Intensive retreat

Coaching and learning

  • You will send a short reflection after each workshop: what did you learn, what were you biggest triggers / challenges, where you saw improvement / what was easy for you, any questions you have about your process or teaching / coaching
  • 10 group coaching and practise calls for reflections and learning
  • Buddy groups with exercises meeting every two weeks
  • Online sharing forum
  • Ongoing support from our trainers. Tuulia and Pete available for questions before, during and after each workshop

The Practitioner Program is focused on your personal work, per agreement we can also include some trainer / coaching insights to your program in case you desire to start the path towards Radical Honesty trainer, however the main focus is in your own work.

The group calls start in January 2022.

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