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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

Honesty Gathering in Spitzmühle near Berlin, Germany | 18-22 September 2024

560.00 650.00  incl. VAT 21%


Yes! We will meet again in the woods by the lovely lakeside in Spitzmühle!

Honesty Europe proudly presents:
The largest get-together of our annual calendar – The Honesty Gathering in Spitzmühle!

Honesty Gathering in Germany

18-22 September 2024

For years, we had dreamed about bringing together people who are part of our honesty community for a larger event.
Then, in September 2019, we—Tuulia, Pete and the team—managed to finally make that happen in Damouchari, Greece.
And in the years since, we have gathered annually in Spitzmühle, Germany.

Now, in September 2024, for the fifth time, we will do so again!

We will return to the beautiful and special location for our event: the easygoing retreat center in the woods outside Berlin.


Maybe you have already attended several of our workshops and want more time and opportunities to meet others, hang out and practice together?

Do you want to meet again some of those lovely people from your retreat, your 8-day Intensive or weekend workshop?

Do you enjoy the way of expressing yourself honestly and openly and want to make more honest friends?

Have you heard about this from friends or family and are curious to join the weirdos?

Are you up for some amazing days in nature and by a lake?

Various sessions will run concurrently from morning till evening. You can choose which sessions you want to attend, organize your own session, and/or request a session you want to attend.

The workshop sessions will include various group and paired exercises such as introductions for newcomers, connection playground, processing circles, sharing circles, dyads, questions-and-answers games, honest dating,  self-love, sessions on shame, sexuality, relationships, parenting, inner-child and other topics arising, dancing with your shadow, conscious touch, boundaries, animal play, conscious movement, meditation, and couples/friends/family paired-work.

The Location

This event will take place at the famous Spitzmühle retreat center, an exclusive venue near Berlin, surrounded by lively nature, peaceful silence and a crystal-clear swimming lake. Spitzmühle is a former forest hotel that has been converted into a unique seminar location, with plenty of space and attention to detail. 

  • A large grassy lawn bordered by mature trees
  • A sauna and a wood-fired hot tub beside the lake
  • Row boat, canoes and SUP boards
  • All surrounded by dense green forest
  • One lake right beside our lawn garden and another lake a 10-minute walk away
  • Nearby nature paths


The Dates
Please arrive between 14:00 and 16:00 on 18 September.
The event will begin at 17:00 on Wednesday 18 September with an opening circle and sharing.
We will finish the event at 11:00 on Sunday 22 September with sharing and a closing circle.


The Program
Every morning, a session with guided conscious movement / yoga and guided meditation will be offered from 8:00 am to 8:45.
This will ideally be held outdoors (weather permitting).
Attending this session is optional.
A warm breakfast will then be available from 8:45 till 10:00.

At 10:00, everyone is invited to join on the big lawn (or inside, in case of rain) for the announcements about the offered morning and afternoon session as well as about the co-created evening program.
We want everyone to join for this morning big-group / small-group check-in so we can hear how everyone is doing.

After the big circle, the small groups (pods) will meet.
The pod groups will consist of 6-10 participants, each with its own trainer. In the pods, everyone will be the opportunity to share how they are feeling and what is arising in them, to express what they want or are looking forward to, and to ask any questions to the pod’s trainer, etc. The makeup of the pod groups will remain the same for the whole week.

The daily small groups (pods) meetings have worked well in the previous Gatherings, providing attendees a base group they can go deeper with and feel safe with, within a larger crowd.

You choose what you want to do!
During the day, we will offer 2-3 different workshop sessions before lunch and 2-3 workshop sessions after lunch. The workshop sessions are often based on what has been requested by the attendees. In the past, such sessions have included processing circles, sharing circles, dyads, questions-and-answers games, honest dating,  self-love, shame, sexuality, relationships, parenting, inner-child work, dancing with your shadow, conscious touch, boundaries, animal play, conscious movement, meditation, and couples/friends/family paired-work.

Just as with the guided movement & mediation at the start of the day, participation in these morning / afternoon workshop sessions are optional. You can choose attend or you can choose to skip them and instead layabout in the sun, nap, chat with others, swim in the lake, stroll in the forest, etc.
We do ask, though, that anyone attending a workshop session to commit to arriving on time for the beginning and to remaining until the end of the workshop session.

New to Honesty work?
This event is suitable for people who have previously joined  Honesty Europe’s events as well as for newcomers to the practice. At the Gathering, we will offer a designated session for newcomers and for those who want refresh their practice. This session will take place on Thursday morning and will include exercises, discussions, and a question-and-answer period to get up to speed with the practice and language.

Co-created evenings
We have a lot of talent and interests within the community and a great and special aspect of the Gatherings has been the co-created programs. In recent years, the evening program has included play-fighting, ecstatic dance, AcroYoga, intro to the Wheel of Consent, polyamory discussion, music & poetry, bonfire sharing, attachment theory discussion, talent night, Belly2belly session, consent and boundaries session, partner dance, cuddle puddle, Meisner technique, storytelling, documentary watching (Gabor Mate documentary) and conversation to follow and more.

Daily Schedule
08:00-08:45   Conscious movement / yoga and meditation
08:45-10:00   Breakfast
10:00-11:15   Big group meeting, announcements of the day’s offered sessions and evening program, sharing in small groups (pods)
11:30-13:30   Morning sessions (2-3 to choose from)
13:30-15:30   Lunch
15:30-18:00   Afternoon sessions (2-3 to choose from)
18:00-18:30   Dancing on the lawn with DJ Pete
18:30-20:00   Dinner
20:00-23:00   Co-created evening program, and sauna


In the main building, double bedrooms–most with their own bathroom and some with a bathroom shared with another double bedroom–are available.
If you have a preference for a specific roommate, please inform us via email.

The dormitory is an outside building with mattresses on the floor and shared toilets and showers.
You can also sleep in your own tent, in your own camper or in one of the three large (three-person) teepee-tents provided by our hosts.

Please note: currently, we are not offering single-room accommodation.
Two days before the event starts, though, you can inquire if any single-rooms have become available.

Blankets and pillows will be provided for all lodging.
Please bring your own sheets (for a single-sized mattress / duvet cover / pillow) and your own towel(s).
These can also be rented from the retreat center. €15 for sheets and €3 for towels.


We want this event to be a reasonable price and affordable for as many people as possible and thus the prices are lower than at our other retreats. The price will cover all the program, sauna / hot tub and accommodation.
The separate fee for the meal package will be paid upon arrival.

Note: all prices include 21% Dutch VAT
Super Early Bird prices are valid until 31 December 2023
Early Bird prices are valid until 31 May 2024
Regular prices are valid after 1 June 2024

Dormitory / your own tent / tent for 3-4 people (provided by organizers) / your own camper:
Super Early Bird €560
+ meals to be paid separately until 31 December 2023
Early Bird €590
+ meals to be paid separately until 31 May 2024
Regular price €620
+ meals to be paid separately after 1 June 2024

Double room:
Super Early Bird €620 + meals to be paid separately until 31 December 2023
Early Bird €650 + meals to be paid separately until 31 May 2024
Regular price €680 + meals to be paid separately after 1 June 2024

The meal package costs 100.
The fee for the meal package will be paid in cash directly to the cook team upon arrival.
The meal package includes three vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free meals each day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), beginning with dinner on Wednesday evening and ending with breakfast on Sunday morning.
Coffee and tea and snacks will be available throughout the day.
Kindly inform us about any dietary restrictions or food allergies or if you want vegan or gluten-free meals.

We do not offer self-catering option, you need to buy the meal package upon arrival.
However, you can bring your own snacks and store those in a separate refrigerator reserved for the participants’ own snacks.

Support Available
If paying for this retreat is a financial challenge to you, then please be aware of the existence of the Honesty Europe Support Fund, which offers financial support to those who otherwise could not afford to attend Honesty Europe’s workshops and retreats. Read more about the Support fund here.

Support for BIPOC
If you are low income and are black, indigenous or a person of color (BIPOC), you can request a discount from us.
Message your request to us at:
Note: we might take a few days to answer your request.


How to reach Spitzmühle
By car:
Neue Spitzmühle
Spitzmühlenweg 2
15344 Strausberg

By public transport:
Take the S5 train from Berlin Hbf to the S Strausberg bhf station.
Travel times to S Strausberg bhf
  –from Berlin Hbf station: about 1 hour
–from Berlin Airport: about 1.5 hours

From S Strausberg bhf, you can catch a taxi the remaining 8km to Spitzmühle.
(Ideally, you can share the taxi with other attendees.)
There is a taxi stand at S Strausberg bhf station.

You will need to organize your own travel to and from Spitzmühle.
You can use the Facebook event page and/or the Honesty Europe Community FB group to propose/seek travel companions, car-pooling, etc.

We recommend travelling via land. If you choose to fly, we propose you compensate for your CO2 emissions.


Is this event for me?
Honesty Europe’s workshop often have therapeutic impacts, however our workshops are not therapy and are not meant to replace personal therapy.
This workshop is not for you if you have major untreated traumas.
Honesty Europe’s workshops and retreats can be physically and psychologically stressful.
If you have an acute mental health challenge, please first discuss with your therapist / doctor and then with us before registering.
You can reach us at:

Cancellation terms
We do not take responsibility for any change you make in your plans, and therefore we do not offer refunds.
However, you can transfer your ticket to another person. If you do transfer your ticket to someone else, please inform us of this.

In case of sickness, we recommend you purchase travel insurance to help cover any cancellation and related costs due to illness.

This event is your free time and we have not insured you.
Kindly have your own travel insurance and/or your EU medical card with you in case of need.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please email us at

Organizers and trainers
This event is being organized by Honesty Europe – Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan.

The leaders of the session are certified Radical Honesty trainers Tuulia Syvänen, Pete Jordan,  Christoph Fink,  Michael Kreuzwieser and Kasia Mitschke and one or two assistants.
Michael Kreuzwieser will be leading sessions on conscious touch .

We love this event and hope you will too! We are so much looking forward to this community fun: easy going event to connect, make friends, process stuff and also just chill!

Are you ready to live out loud and be happy?
Are you ready to connect, have fun and express yourself with other honesty fans?

You are warmly welcome to join us on the journey to an honest life!

Tuulia, Pete, Christoph, Kasia and Michael
Facebook | YouTube


Who are the trainers

Tuulia SyvänenTuulia Syvänen

Tuulia Syvänen is the certified Radical Honesty trainer who has led the most RH workshops in Europe. She also does 1:1 and couples coaching.

Having grown up in a dysfunctional family—where difficulties and negative feelings were often swept under the rug—Tuulia became passionate about self-expression and self-awareness, and learned the importance of setting one’s boundaries. Most important, she learned the power of honesty. Her life’s mission is to help create more love and connection between people through honest sharing.

Tuulia participated in her first Radical Honesty training in 2012 with the founder of Radical Honesty Dr. Brad Blanton and continued her training under the guidance of Dr. Blanton. Read more.

Pete Jordan Pete Jordan

Pete Jordan is the only certified Radical Honesty trainer in the Benelux countries. He organizes and co-lead Radical Honesty workshops around Europe with his wife, Tuulia, as well as does 1:1 coaching.

Pete has changed his life for the better by committing to live honestly, expressing his resentments and appreciations in the moment and by asking for what he wants. A major breakthrough for him was to have honest talks with his ex-wife and four siblings. He has broken the traditions of his childhood’s family and began to talk about things he was afraid of and embarrassed about and what he didn’t like in his childhood.

Pete has great listening skills and he is keen on developing and learning every day. His vision is to support others to live happier, freer lives. Read more.

Michael Kreuzwiese
Michael leads transformative evenings, seminars and retreats for honesty, embodiment and intimacy. He offers special coaching for relationships and intimacy. He is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer, Forrest™ Yoga teacher. He was working several years with Somatic Coaching and as a tantric massage therapist. At the moment he is in training to become a Gestalt practitioner.

He creates safe spaces for deep honesty, mindful touch and deep intimacy – to experience more self-confidence, self-love and self-responsibility.
He leads with a lot of heart and simple directness and shows himself to be completely honest and transparent.

His work is based on Radical Honesty, mindfulness training, body awareness and mindful touch. His passion is to lead people more into their own responsibility, more into feeling, into their heart, their liveliness, their sensuality and playfulness and to come into better contact with their intuition and deep body wisdom. A special focus in his work is on experiencing deep intimacy and connectedness, discarding limitations and patterns, showing oneself honestly and authentically and daring to live and love intensely.

Kasia Mitschke
Katarzyna Mitschke (Kasia) is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer with a background in nonviolent communication, alternative education, and attachment parenting.

The essence of her work is to help people reclaim the emotions, expressions, and connections they have denied themselves in the process of growing up.

She enjoys creating and holding safe, encouraging spaces where people feel free to explore who they are and what they are capable of. She is passionately leading herself and others to be more self-accepting, less should-driven, and more curious and considerate of themselves and the outside world. Warm and humorous, she loves to accompany people in making new discoveries about the inner and outer world.

She likes to say that professionally she has already lived one full life: as an author and educator, passionate about alternative education and attachment parenting. Kasia co-founded an alternative school, taught workshops, coached parents and teachers, wrote a book about how to support children in natural learning, and unschool the way people think about life and growth. She offers honesty coaching as well as coaching for parents and educators who want to update their beliefs about how people learn and see children (and themselves!) as perfectly capable of learning what they need to learn.

Besides all that she loves reading, dancing, cuddling, skinny-dipping, hiking, and walking in the woods.

Read more here.

Christoph Fink
“For most of my life I tried to get approval by chasing success. Whether it was as a dad, in martial arts, in yoga or meditation – it was always about doing everything right. Never disappoint!

“To get over my frustration in relationships I tried nonviolent communication and meditation. In order to become confident with women I sought help in hypnosis, NLP, flirt-training and I tried to display determination and manliness. Only through Radical Honesty could I get over shame and anxiety. Through practicing Radical Honesty, I finally got to experience all the adventures and relationships that I had hoped to get through discipline, strategies, tricks, and different masks.

“My greatest passion is to help other humans liberate themselves from fear, guilt, and shame. I want to inspire and show how simple deep connection can be and how great a life without masks feels.”

Christoph Fink coaches individuals and couples, leads ongoing groups in Munich, and teaches workshops all over Europe. In 2017, Dr. Brad Blanton certified him as an official Radical Honesty Coach and Trainer.

Additional information


Double room, Dormitory, Your own camper / tent

Event Details

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to experience more freedom in your life
  • you want to let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval
  • you are looking for using conflict creatively and want to go beyond blame
  • you desire to learn the art of asking for what you want
  • you want to heal your relationships and find forgiveness
  • you yearn deeper love, connection & intimacy

The workshop is not for you if you:

  • don't want to tell the truth
  • want to stay in your comfort zone at all times
  • don't want to hear participants expressing themselves loudly at times
  • participate to change others in your life rather than yourself | Honesty Europe

Date: 18.9.2024

Start time: 17:00 CEST

Venue: Neue Spitzmuehle


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