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Are you up for a transformative experience? 8-Day Intensive 4-12 December in Germany!

Honesty Gathering in Spitzmuehle near Berlin, Germany | 12-16 September 2022

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Yes! We are meeting again with the tribe in lovely Spitzmuehle by a lake.

Honesty Europe proudly presents: For the third time – Honesty Gathering in Europe!

Honesty Gathering in Germany

12 – 16 September 2022

Over the past few years, we have dreamed about bringing together people who are part of our honesty community and in September 2019, we—Tuulia, Pete and the team—managed to make that happen in Damouchari, Greece and last year Spitzmuehle Germany.

Now, we will come together again in Spitzmuehle by a lovely lake near Berlin!

We have a beautiful and very special location for our training: the well-known retreat center located in a rural area near Berlin.


Maybe you have already attended several of our workshops and want more time and opportunities to meet others, hang out and practice together?

Do you want to meet again some of those lovely people from your retreat, your 8-day Intensive or weekend workshop?

Do you really like the way of expressing yourself honestly and openly and want to make more honest friends?

Have you heard about this from friends or family and are curious to join the weirdos?

Are you up for some amazing days in nature and by a lake?

Various sessions will run concurrently from morning till evening. You can choose which sessions you want to attend, organize your own session, or request a session you want.

This event is a communications training offering vital communication and relating skills you will benefit from in your work life and also at home.

The sessions include various group and paired exercises, hot seat work, introductions for newcomers, connection playground, sharing circles, asking for what you want practice, work on shame, sexuality, inner child and other topics arising, German-language sessions, movement, tantra / conscious touch, yoga, seated and walking meditation, and (if there’s enough interest) a couples session.

This event will take place at the famous Spitzmühle, an exclusive venue near Berlin, surrounded by lively nature, peaceful silence and a crystal-clear swimming lake. The Spitzmühle is a former forest hotel that has been converted into a unique seminar location, with plenty of space and attention to detail. 

  • Large garden with old trees and lots of beautiful corners.
  • A sauna and a wood-fired hot tub beside the lake
  • Boats and surfboards for paddling
  • Surrounded by dense green forest
  • One lake right in front of the garden, another lake a 10-minute walk away

How to get there
By car:

Neue Spitzmühle
Spitzmühlenweg 2
15344 Strausberg

Public transport:

Take the S5 train from Berlin to the S Hegermühle station. From there you can order a taxi (ideally together with other participants)

Travel times to “S Hegermühle”

– from Berlin main station: 1h
– from Airport Berlin-Schönefeld: 1,5h
– from Airport Berlin – Tegel: 1,5h

You will need to organize your own travel. You can use the Facebook event page or the Honesty Europe FB page to propose/seek travel companions, car-pooling, etc.

We recommend travelling via land. If you choose to fly, we propose you compensate for your CO2 emissions.

The program
The event will begin at 17:00 on Monday 12 September  with an opening ceremony and sharing. We will finish the event at 11:00 on Friday 12 September with a closing circle and ceremony.

The morning sessions will include conscious movement / yoga and meditation. Then, for the rest of the day, various sessions will be available to choose from. The exact timetable will be agreed upon and announced on the spot.

All lodging will be in shared double rooms or in matresses on a floor of a dormotory tents or in your own camper . If you have a preference of whom you wish to share your room with, please inform us via email. We also have a limited number of single rooms. For low-income earners we have few dormitory rooms and the option to come with your own tent or camper.

Please bring your own sheets and towel. You can also rent sheets for €12 and towels for and towels €3 from the center.

We want this event to be a reasonable price and affordable for as many people as possible and thus the prices are lower than at our other retreats. The price will cover the program, sauna / hot tub and accommodation. The meals will be paid upon arrival.

Early Bird prices are valid until 30.6.2022:

Double room: €495.80 + VAT of your country of residence
For Germany: €590 (including 19% VAT in Germany) + meals

Dormitory / your own tent / tent for 4-5 people (provided by organizers) / Your camper:
€453,78 + VAT of your country of residence
+ meals 

For Germany: €540 (including 19% VAT in Germany) + meals

Regular price after 30.6.2022

Double room: €529,41+ VAT of your country of residence
For Germany €630 (including 19% VAT in Germany) + meals

Dormitory / your own tent / tent for 4-5 people (provided by organizers) / Your camper:
€487,39 + VAT of your country of residence
For Germany: €580 (including 19% VAT in Germany) + meals

The meals cost 25 euros per day, in total 90 euros.
Meals package is paid by cash to the cook upon arrival. This includes three vegetarian meals each (breakfast, lunch and dinner), starting with dinner on Monday night and the last meal being lunch on Friday. We do not offer self-catering option.

Cancellation terms:
Please note that we do not offer refunds. However you can transfer your ticket to another person. Let us know via email in case someone else will take your spot.

Support Available
If paying for this retreat is a financial challenge to you, then please be aware of the existence of the Honesty Europe Support Fund, which offers financial support to those who otherwise could not afford to attend Honesty Europe’s workshops and retreats. Read more about the Support Fund here.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please email us at

Organizers and trainers
This event is being organized by Honesty Europe – Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan.

The leaders of the session are certified Radical Honesty trainers Tuulia Syvänen, Pete Jordan, Michael Kreuzwieser, Christoph Fink, Anna Haas and Bernhard Reingruber. We will also have some Radical Honesty trainer candidates co-leading sessions.

Are you ready to live out loud and be happy?

You are warmly welcome to join us on the journey to an honest life!

Tuulia, Pete, Michael, Christoph, Anna and Bernie
Facebook | YouTube


Who are the trainers?

Tuulia Syvänen
Tuulia is the certified Radical Honesty trainer who has led the most RH workshops in Europe, around 100. She also does 1:1 and couples coaching. For two decades, she held leadership positions at international, non-profit organizations that are concerned with social and environmental justice issues. A native of Finland, she has lived in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada.


Having grown up in a dysfunctional family—where difficulties and negative feelings were often swept under the rug—Tuulia became passionate about self-expression and self-awareness, and learned the importance of setting one’s boundaries. Most important, she learned the power of honesty. Her life’s mission is to help create more love and connection between people through honest sharing.

Tuulia participated in her first Radical Honesty training in 2012 with the founder of Radical Honesty Dr. Brad Blanton and continued her training under him ever since. She has also attained a four-year certification in the Human-to-Human Therapy Program in Finland and is a certified leader of Dr. Fischer’s Rebuilding Divorce Seminars. She earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Tampere and has an adult son.
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Pete Jordan

Pete Jordan is the only certified Radical Honesty trainer in the Benelux countries. He organizes and co-leads Radical Honesty workshops around Europe with his wife, Tuulia, as well as does 1:1 coaching.

Pete has changed his life for the better by committing to live honestly, expressing his resentments and appreciations in the moment and by asking for what he wants. A major breakthrough for him was to have honest talks with his ex-wife and four siblings. He has broken the traditions of his childhood’s family and began to talk about things he was afraid of and embarrassed about and what he didn’t like in his childhood.

Pete has great listening skills and he is keen on developing and learning every day. His vision is to support others to live happier, freer lives. Born and raised in San Francisco, Pete has lived in Amsterdam for almost two decades and still makes himself happy each day he wakes up in that city. A writer by profession, Pete has a passion for cycling and has contributed his writing and photographs to several Dutch cycling publications for more than a decade. He is in the midst of following a three-year training to become a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. When he is not organizing or attending Radical Honesty workshops or spending time with his teenaged son, he can be found meandering around Amsterdam on his bike. (And he feels some tightness in his stomach now as he writes this stuff about himself in the third person.)
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Michael Kreuzwiese
Michael leads transformative evenings, seminars and retreats for honesty, embodiment and intimacy. He offers special coaching for relationships and intimacy. He is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer, Forrest™ Yoga teacher. He was working several years with Somatic Coaching and as a tantric massage therapist. At the moment he is in training to become a Gestalt practitioner.

He creates safe spaces for deep honesty, mindful touch and deep intimacy – to experience more self-confidence, self-love and self-responsibility.
He leads with a lot of heart and simple directness and shows himself to be completely honest and transparent.

His work is based on Radical Honesty, mindfulness training, body awareness and mindful touch. His passion is to lead people more into their own responsibility, more into feeling, into their heart, their liveliness, their sensuality and playfulness and to come into better contact with their intuition and deep body wisdom. A special focus in his work is on experiencing deep intimacy and connectedness, discarding limitations and patterns, showing oneself honestly and authentically and daring to live and love intensely.


Let’s stay in touch!





Additional information


Double room, Single room, Dormitory, Your own camper / tent

Event Details

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to experience more freedom in your life
  • you want to let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval
  • you are looking for using conflict creatively and want to go beyond blame
  • you desire to learn the art of asking for what you want
  • you want to heal your relationships and find forgiveness
  • you yearn deeper love, connection & intimacy

The workshop is not for you if you:

  • don't want to tell the truth
  • want to stay in your comfort zone at all times
  • don't want to hear participants expressing themselves loudly at times
  • participate to change others in your life rather than yourself | Honesty Europe

Date: 2022-09-12

Start time: 17:00 CET

Venue: Neue Spitzmuehle


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