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Support Fund

Making Radical Honesty accessible to those with less financial means.

What is the purpose of the Support Fund?
To assist people to attend a Radical Honesty workshop or retreat led by Honesty Europe (Tuulia & Pete) by offering financial support to those who otherwise could not attend.

How does the Support Fund work?
If the student / low-income fee for an Honesty Europe workshop or retreat is still too high for you to be able to attend an event, you can apply for financial help from the Support Fund.

For what events is it possible to receive financial assistance from the Support Fund?
You can apply for financial assistance from the Support Fund for in-person workshops and retreats organised by Tuulia and Pete (Honesty Europe). Note that student / low-income discounts may apply to online and shorter events as well.
For weekend workshops, a maximum of €200 is available to qualified applicants.

Am I eligible to apply for the Support Fund?
You are eligible if you would not be able to attend this event if you did not receive financial assistance for your payment.

How do I apply for the Support Fund?
In order to apply for the Support Fund we want you to submit an email covering the following points:

  • Your name
  • Which event (by Honesty Europe) do you want to attend? Why do you want to attend this event and what would you like to get out of it? 
  • Why do you need the financial support?
  • How much financial support would you need in order to attend?
    Note that we believe it is important to pay at least a part of the participation fee to truly be committed to the event

Submit your motivation as an email to and the Support Fund Committee will be in touch with you! We recommend that you apply as soon as possible as it may take up to 14 days for the committee to respond to you.

How are decisions made regarding the Support Fund?
The Support Fund is independent of the Honesty Europe workshop and retreat organizers (Tuulia & Pete) and is managed by the Support Fund Committee (Joshua Brostoff & Albrecht Günther).

How can I donate to the Support Fund in order to help support making Honesty Europe events more accessible to those with less financial means?
If you believe that the practice of Radical Honesty can bring benefit to people and society and you are in the position of being able to help others with less means to access Honesty Europe events, there are several ways in which you can contribute to the Support Fund:

  • When signing up for an Honesty Europe event led by Tuulia and Pete, you can donate to the Support Fund upon registering
  • When attending free events (webinars, meditation, dancing, etc.) led by Tuulia and Pete, you can make a small donation for your attendance, which will go straight into the Support Fund
  • You can also donate directly to the Support Fund here or using the button below.
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