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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

Teamwork and support

In 2012, I participated in my first Radical Honesty workshop with Brad Blanton in Greece. I was fascinated and also a little scared. I was absolutely wowed and knew that this was what I wanted for myself. I had started a journey of self-discovery with the Landmark Forum, NLP training, a Finnish four-year therapy training, etc. Yet Radical Honesty was what I really had yearned for after living a childhood where “touchy” topics were quickly swept under the carpet and emotions weren’t to be talked about—let alone be expressed.

I began leading Radical Honesty workshops in 2015, with Pete as a participant. At each passing workshop, he helped me more and more with the work and began to learn facilitating skills himself. Along the way, we also participated together in workshops led by Brad and Taber Sharburne, and did our personal work both as a couple and as individuals. We both went back and completed unfinished business from our pasts and expressed to each other our resentments, secrets, attractions, appreciations, etc.

When I went to Vietnam in 2016 and was offline for almost three weeks, Pete temporarily took over the behind-the-scenes work of answering emails, registering people for the workshops, etc. That arrangement worked so well that when I returned from Vietnam I never resumed those tasks! Pete enjoys communicating with people about the workshops and doing the back office stuff [except when he’s being lazy, like about sending out the newsletters in a more timely fashion—ed.].

Pete is now a certified RH trainer himself and leads workshops with me. I love how we work together as a couple and how we compliment and support each other and also how we can also get angry and loud if something arises between us (even in workshops, in front of others).

One thing I have learned about myself is that I like teamwork and support. I no longer lead workshops on my own (except for the ones I conduct in Helsinki in Finnish as there are no other Finnish-speaking RH trainers [Pete’s being lazy about learning Finnish, too—ed.]). Our new website better reflects that the workshops I lead are actually a team effort.

Last autumn, Jakob Eichhorn joined our team as a trainee and then ably assisted us at ten RH workshops. We’re very happy and proud that—at last month’s RH Trainer’s Training in Italy—Jakob was certified by Brad and Taber as a Radical Honesty trainer. Yea, Jakob!

Now that Jakob has graduated from our trainee program and is off leading his own workshops, another German talent, Anna Haas, has joined us and will be assisting us and learning from us until next May. We’re looking forward to working with Anna. If you attend one of our upcoming workshops, chances are that you’ll get to experience for yourself Anna as part of our team!

This autumn, I’ll be celebrating three years of leading Radical Honesty workshops and by the end of the year I’ll lead my 50th(!) workshop. I love my work—it’s ever changing, challenging and inspiring. And I love the people I work with—they’re also are ever changing, challenging and inspiring.

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