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FREE Webinar on Practicing Radical Honesty in Relationships

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A webinar on how to practice Radical Honesty in romantic relationships, feel more connection and authenticity.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What are the benefits of Radical Honesty in your relationship?
  • What to do when your partner says they are not keen on having honest conversations
  • How to introduce Radical Honesty to a partner who is not familiar with it?
  • How to express anger, sadness, jealousy and other “heavy” emotions and get over them & feel more connection as a result
  • Is telling your partner white lies OK?
  • Tips and exercises for how to practice Radical Honesty at home with your partner

Can this webinar help me with non-romantic relationships?

The focus is on romantic relationships, however the content is useful for other relationships too, such as family and friendships.

Led by:

This webinar is led by Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan, certified Radical Honesty trainers and a married couple. Read more about Tuulia and Pete here.

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