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Winter retreat in the Netherlands 30.11.-3.12!

What about me? ❤

What do I really enjoy?

What gives me joy?
How do I take care of myself in stressful times?

Am I allowed to take time off?
Or feel exhausted?
Even overwhelmed?

These are questions I have been pondering for the last few days.

I am going through some difficult times.
I won’t die and at times it’s been damn hard.

At this point I won’t go into details about what is going on as other people are also involved (and no – I am not splitting up with Pete).

So a few days back I had a coaching session in which we looked into the client’s resources and feel good options.
We talked about how they could take care of themselves in stressful times.

I felt energized and happy about my work and support to the client.
I enjoyed the connection and my ability to listen and be there for them.

After the session these questions creeped in.
What about me….

How is it that I am not giving myself the things I so much want for my clients and workshop participants?

That is something I will ponder on this week.
And taking a little trip with Pete, rowing the boat, eating blueberries from the bush and reading my book in the sunshine. I also booked a therapist. ☀️

I am reminding myself of my self care routines

I know all of this stuff!
And actually taking time for self care and slowing down is soooo tricky for me at times.

Some time back I also made this video about taking care of oneself ❤️

How are you doing today?
Are you giving what you deserve for yourself too?
Or do you just give it to others?

Tuulia (& Pete)

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