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What Do You REALLY Want For 2023?

What themes and topics feel exciting for you right now?

What thoughts and emotions come to you when you think of last year?
What do you want to leave behind and what you want to keep with you?

Over the past eight years, I’ve done a reflecting and visioning exercise. Currently, I’ve been reflecting on last year and checking in what feels exciting to me right now.

I feel excited looking at this year and focusing on what I truly want. And maybe – hopefully – be less distracted with social media and scrolling my phone.

I want to share the questions I answered in my Reflection and Dreams exercise in hope that you may get inspired. ✨


Find a comfortable and peaceful space for yourself. Make yourself your favorite drink: coffee, tea or maybe cocoa. Candles around you might also be nice! Take a pen and paper or notepad; book enough time – at least 1.5 hours for your reflections.


– What kind of feelings or thoughts arise in you when you think of last year?
– What did you learn and how did you grow?
– What are you grateful for?
– What do you want to take with you into this new year? What do you want to leave behind?

Getting ready!

– How do you ensure you have time and energy to pursue your dreams?
– How do you sabotage yourself when I you don’t pursue what you want? How will you tackle that?
– What needs to happen so that you’ll trust your dreams will come true?


– What you want for 2023?
– What do you want for this year?
– How do you want to grow and what do you want to learn?
– What values do you want to live by?
– How do you greet this year (with what thoughts, sensations and emotions)?
– What is this year’s theme (if any)?
– What are the first steps towards your dream? And when will you take them?

When pondering those questions, if I am not sure about my answer, I pause and check the sensations in my body, checking what really feels true to me.

Some of the things that I want are adventures, time in the cabins, time with Pete and with my son and getting ready to move into our new retreat center SyVilla in early 2024. I also want to experience new things with Pete, such as joining a tantra retreat and other events (one we are already making in January – the Intimacy Festival)

After I answer those questions in writing, I go back and underline the key words and/or sentences and add comments. For example, in addition to what I had wished for the year, I added: “Dance! Take time in to take care of my health – moving my body and cooking healthy”.

What I notice I want to leave behind is covid, covid isolation.
I also want less time on online calls and learn to outsource things more and control less.

For values, right now important to me are Presence, Living in the Moment, Appreciating Beauty, and Softness and Vulnerability. Also Connection and Authenticity are talking to me a lot right now!

In case you want a tool for quick check in and dreaming every three months or so, check out this video.

What was great about your year 2022?
What did you learn? What do you want to leave behind?

How do you make yourself excited about this coming year?

I wish you happy and meaningful 2023!

I look forward to keeping in touch this year and meeting alive, via these letters and in person!

Tuulia (and Pete)
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