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What I learned from a stressful holiday in Mallorca

I hiked on the seashore – first to right away from Palma de Mallorca and then to the left.

The third day I hiked the middle of a gorge between steep hills. There was no path. So I walked in the bush and used some goat trails.

? I heard many birds singing and saw some. The red breasted robins and doves. Sparrows.

The only mammals I saw were goats.

This took place last week on the west coast of the island of Mallorca. I stayed on my own in the tiny fishing village Port de Valldemossa.

Every morning I took my coffee by the sea. I listened to the waves and looked at the morning sky and enjoyed my first cup of coffee. Not many people around.

I went to swim in the turquoise sea.

? I was floating on the waves.

Feeling alive and peaceful ?

In the evening I took my chair to the port and sat next to fishing boats. I had my book with me and sometimes also food like hummus and veggies. When it got dark I went to my little stone house, just a few steps from the sea.

For years, I dreamed of spending some time on my own in Mallorca after our 8-Day Intensive.

Walking, hiking. No schedules. Reading, or writing something that might be a book, a booklet of honesty exercises or tips or writing just for me. Reflecting.

I made that happen last year. First I had two lovely days with Pete, six days with Pete and our sons and one day with my son and a week on my own.

The week was stressful ?

Nothing like enjoying my time in the mountains, writing, hiking and feeling at peace. Walking to a little village for a coffee.

I had a big house which felt too big and cold with modern style. The owner lived next door and I found him a bit creepy. I didn’t feel safe. When I swam in the pool I was wondering if he’s nearby or watching. He didn’t do anything and I felt uneasy anyway. My stomach felt tight and I wanted to lock the doors.

The house was too far to walk to a village and the roads were very narrow. I had a big car as the rental agency had run out of the small car I booked. I don’t like driving in places I don’t know and I hate tight spots and fast traffic. Both are typical for Mallorca. People drive fast and reckless for Finnish standards (a Finnish traffic jam is three cars at the traffic lights).

I had damaged my left knee in the summer while lifting heavy logs in the cabins and I could only hike short distances before the pain was too much.

I also had a teaching call during my holiday and made myself stressed about the internet being strong enough and arriving at my new destination on time for the call.

So what did I learn from last year’s experience?

4 things I learned from my stressful holiday

I cannot force myself to feel safe.

If I don’t feel safe and uncomfortable I can also just change location. Even if the rental was pricey. I can afford to pay for another lodging.

Too many expectations is a recipe for failure.

I had this detailed picture of how my time would look and it was nothing like that.

This year I had little plans and followed my guts more. “I want to be close to the sea, this place looks nice,” booking something just a day before.

My body deserves time to heal.

I am 50 and have had little complaints with my body. It is still pretty strong and very functional. I can walk and cycle long distances, I can dance and lift and carry stuff.

In the summer 2021 I pushed my body too far, I did notice lifting something I can just and just lift from the ground is putting a lot of pressure on my knee.

My knee took 10 months to heal to the extent that walking doesn’t hurt at all and I can run again. It is still not bending quite as much as it used to. No lotus pose meditation for me any more.

Adventures are best when spontaneous.

I had too many plans and expectations last year. This summer I just followed my nose and took every day as it came.

I had no rules about how my holiday should be. Not even a rule that I can’t work or I should relax. I did a few small work things, including one teaching session of two hours which I very much enjoyed actually.

Will I have my own adventures and holidays again in Mallorca next year?

Maybe! No need to plan yet (we have booked the villa near Pollenca again for next October’s 8-Day Intensive though…)

What adventures are you inviting?

Tuulia (& Pete)

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