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What I learned from the movie Juniper

Recently I went to see the movie ”Juniper” – a movie starring Charlotte Rampling who I very much enjoy seeing in movies.

This movie was yet another movie I enjoyed seeing her in.

The movie is a lot about loneliness, wanting to connect and not knowing how and about loss.

The movie starts with the grandmother (played by Rampling) arriving to his son’s house to recover from a broken leg. She meets – and orders around – her grandson who does not really know his grandmother nor is that interested to connect.

Sam, the grandson, gets intrigued by the eccentric grandmother and the two start to connect in their own clumsy way.

Another theme in the story is loss – the mother of the family had died recently and the husband and her son Sam both try to deal with it in their own way and alone.

For me that is one of the big themes of the movie: how we isolate ourselves and how rewarding it is to share and connect. How much we all want to be seen and witnessed in our struggles even though showing ourselves is difficult.

I don’t want to share more about the movie in order not to spoil your experience if you decide to watch it. ?

The topic of death also brought some thoughts of the recent death of my father which I am still processing. You can read more about my process here.

This brings me to our upcoming retreats.

In our Radical Honesty retreats we are creating exactly that: space to be seen and heard ?

A space where you can be seen as your unique self and connect with others with less pretenses and masks.

In the end we all yearn to belong and be accepted and even celebrated for who we are.

In case you want to learn more check out our workshops calendar or read about what happens in our workshops and retreats.


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