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What is the essence of Radical Honesty?

I have been on my brown sofa a lot the last five days, with a flu, runny nose, sneezes and a headache. Not much of a temperature though.

So I have had time to ponder many things (and read books and binge watch the Netflix series Maid). One thing that came to me today was ”What is the essence of Radical Honesty?”

Before I tell you what I think I want to know:

What is the essence of Radical Honesty for you?

What is the core or most important thing about Radical Honesty to you?

When do you feel more alive?

I mean, really alive?

For me the core is being real and showing all sides of myself and being willing to see all sides, moods and qualities of the other person.

That means me showing my tiredness, my sadness, my confusion, when I feel inadequate, when I am not effective and productive, when I feel sorry for myself and want to blame others, and me being angry, feeling shame or lost.

And the other side: joy, moments when I am just happy and content and nothing is missing, excitement, peace and quiet.

I like when the word ‘quiet’ came to me. At times I have very little to say and very little going on.

Just being and observing.

And that is okay too.

For me, showing myself is not just about the ”bad” or ”negative” feelings and emotions.

It’s about allowing whatever is alive in me.

It’s about noticing what is going on, allowing all those emotions and sensations and sharing out loud.

What are all the sensations and emotions in you right now?

For me one of the basic human needs is to be seen and heard. Many of us have some lack around really being seen as kids and young people. We can though heal ourselves with people who are willing to witness and hear and be present for us.

Loving interactions can rewire our system to get used to being seen and heard.

Those interactions can heal a lot and eventually we are not run by our wounds and lacks but by the impulses in the present moment in our current environment. That is a great gift we can give to ourselves and our children.

I am curious: who is seeing and hearing you?

And are you willing to hear and witness?

In this video I talk about our profound need to be seen and heard.

How important it is to have a witness to your life.

Another interesting video is this one where I speak about your desire to be liked by others and how to work on that (and care less about other people’s opinions about us).

Tuulia (& Pete)

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