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TWO MORE couples fit into the fantastic Couples retreat by a lake in Finland 7-13 August!

Where do you feel at home?

Where do you feel at home?

What is the place where your system just calms down?

I have been pondering this lately. Like other summers Pete and I have spent weeks in the cabin in Finland this summer.

That is where I feel at home.

Hearing the waves hitting the shore and the deck.

Smelling the wood and wild flowers.

Feeling the sun on my face while enjoying my coffee from my flowery Paradise mug, a remake of the design of the 60’s (in case you missed the story of the Paradise you can read it here).

For me forest and nature feel like home.

My heart beat tends to slow down and my nervous system is calm.

I often feel happy or at least content.

In the woods in my cabins I also at times experience moments of pure happiness. It is a moment where I notice that all is good and there is nothing I am lacking.

During these moments I can just concentrate on being.
There nothing I need to do and nothing I need to say.

I don’t need to go anywhere.
I don’t need to be any different.

When was the last time you just were in the moment with no need to be anywhere or do anything?

When did you have little thoughts and your focus was on just noticing what is happening in you and around you?

I also experience these moments of just being when I am sitting in the circle with other honest people.

I am noticing my body, I am noticing other people around me – how they move their body, how their faces looks like, movement of someone’s brow when they listen, the melody of the voice when a person is sharing, an increased tempo of the speed when they seem excited.

I am here with other fellow humans and I don’t need to be elsewhere.

Do you want that too?
Witnessing and sharing?

Check out the Honesty Gathering by a lake in Spitzmühle near Berlin in September.

It is a lovely place with a big lawn, forest around and great lake side location.

And your tribe is there, ready to witness you being you.

Where do you most enjoy yourself?

How can you create that for yourself?

Tuulia (& Pete)

P.S. You might like this video I recorded about How to create happiness for yourself:

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