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Join amazing 8-Day Intensive by a lake in Finland 4-12 June!

In their own words

Testimonial Ulrich

Ulrich Jungblut

I am having a very exciting time in these first eight weeks since taking the 8-Day workshop led by Tuulia. I am opening up to people about things I had previously withheld. That feels quite intense most of the time and usually leads to an emotional exchange and a closeness that is unusual for me.  Read more

Marja in her own words

Marja Godvliet

I went to my first Radical Honesty workshop with Tuulia in October 2015. I can honestly say it impacted my life tremendously. During the workshop, I saw my patterns and learned a lot from honest feedback of others. It gave me a mirror to see myself through the eyes of others, something that I had never experienced before. Read more

Sandro testimonial

Sandro Dalla Torre

I came across Radical Honesty in a moment of great uncertainty about how much to share in my former relationship. Withholding made me feel stuck, saying things made me feel rejected. So, what to do?  Read more

Laura Nina Mosci

Last summer in Greece, at the Kalikalos centre in Kissos I had the chance to participate in the Radical honesty workshop with Tuulia and Pete. The experience with Tuulia as a coach was really positive, she is completely present to all what happens and she is very supportive, always being there for the participants.  Read more

Taina Marjanen

I was sceptical as to how much one weekend could mean to me. But as I listened to others and shared my story, I started to understand what was bothering me. I was trying to hide in order not to be hurt. This hiding caused me pain and loneliness, because I wasn’t being my authentic self. Read more

Mia Korkeakoski

The workshop was very intensive. The atmosphere was supportive and safe, due to the commitment we all gave to complete sharing of the truth and openness. Read more

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