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Laura in her own words

Last summer in Greece, at the Kalikalos centre in Kissos I had the chance to participate in the Radical honesty workshop with Tuulia and Pete.

The experience with Tuulia as a coach was really positive, she is completely present to all what happens and she is very supportive, always being there for the participants.
I particularly appreciate her humor and that her feminine side was always present bringing warmth to the interaction even when there was a conflict.

I have to say that I am not comfortable in dealing with conflicts and it was very new to me this way to address issues.

As I got involved in a confrontation with another participant I really had a hard time.

But the amazing result, after some more talk outside the circle and a mediation with Tuulia a clarity came in which allowed me to become friend with this person.

I think that for me, being very ” slow ” in my reactions Radical Honesty is a very quick modality, I probably need more time or an intensive workshop.

The experience is still with me and with that what I have learned there have been some improvements in the relationship with my mother, which is the most challenging for me.

I noticed also some changes in the way I relate to others, like I don’t try to please anyone so much like before, trying to be true to myself.

Laura Nina Mosci

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