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Testimonial Ulrich

Ulrich in his own words

I am having a very exciting time in these first eight weeks since taking the 8-Day workshop led by Tuulia. I am opening up to people about things I had previously withheld. That feels quite intense most of the time and usually leads to an emotional exchange and a closeness that is unusual for me.

I am still getting used to this and I want more of it. It’s very scary at times
and very rewarding other times. (Usually, scary first and rewarding later.)
I imagine I learned a concise and simple way to go about such conversations where previously there was just confusion, tension and a suppression of emotions. As a consequence, I gain a very different perspective on things and start making decisions differently.

For the first time, I have a clear idea of what “following my heart” means. I had a powerful revelation about that during a walking meditation that was part of the workshop.

I feel very open and safe towards the others in the workshop group and still regularly share with them and even meet up sometimes in person. That is a relationship that developed over the course of the workshop.

I was surprised about how my experience while sharing with the group was often very different to what I had anticipated it would be. The hot-seat experience I had during the workshop was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in my life. The reactions from the group afterward were very reassuring and I found that it’s OK to fully show myself to people.

I was impressed with how the team of Tuulia, Pete an Jakob worked together in facilitating the workshop. They each seemed to seamlessly take the lead at different times. They provided a great example for how to go about expressing oneself and coaching others to do so. My understanding of how to share honestly with others has grown tremendously in the workshop and in the time since the workshop.

I had attended a couple of RH weekend workshops before, which were very helpful, but the 8-day workshop made a great difference in how much I seem to understand what this is about and how to actually do it.

Ulrich Jungblut

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