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Honesty Europe practitioner program


Honesty Europe’s Practitioner Program

Honesty as a way of life

  • Do you love honesty and want more of it in your life?
  • Do you want to dive deep into living a Radically Honest life every day?
  • Do you want to get more solid practice than an individual workshop?
  • Do you want to enhance your truth-telling muscle and your noticing skills?
  • Do you want to take your Radical Honesty skills to a new level?
  • Do you want to work systematically on your issues, triggers and patterns?
  • Would you enjoy ongoing coaching and support on your journey?

Honesty Europe’s Practitioner Program provides radical honesty practitioners with a solid practice and support for a year in telling the truth, living in the moment, creating the future you want and learning to ask for everything you want.

The Honesty Europe Practitioner Program might be for you if you say yes to one or more of the following:

Do you:

  • want to increase honesty, connection and love in your daily life, at work/studies or with your loved ones?
  • desire to work with your shame, shyness or embarrassment?
  • want to stop limiting yourself expressing yourself fully when angry, sad, attracted, sexually excited and joyful?
  • want to be fully honest and live to the fullest even if some people around you might find it triggering or challenging?
  • want to improve your Radical Honesty skills in ongoing and consistent manner in a safe environment?
  • wish to have a full-fledged Radical Honesty experience and participate multiple workshops
  • want to get ready for our Trainee Program which is focused on developing trainer skills

This 12-month program includes regular participation in weekend workshops, residential workshops, regular coaching calls, ongoing support from our trainers and a special on-line forum.

The 12-month Practitioner Program allows you to:

  • participate in weekend, residential and one 8-day workshop
  • have group coaching every month and buddy group call with exercises provided by the trainers for learning, reflection and support for process
  • take part in a dedicated practitioner session during each workshop or retreat
  • goals and reflection process together before and after each workshop
  • gain support and participate in on-line support group
  • and receive ongoing support from our trainers

Coaching and learning:

  • You will send a short reflection after each workshop: what did you learn, what were you biggest triggers / challenges, where you saw improvement / what was easy for you, any questions you have about your process or teaching / coaching
  • We will organize coaching calls for reflections and learning after each workshop
  • You will be part of our closed Honesty Europe team Facebook group for sharing, asking questions and receiving support
  • Our certified trainers Tuulia and Pete available for questions before, during and after each workshop

Practitioners will write a brief report about their reflections workshops they participate in or reflect on their learning in the coaching calls. This includes their personal key processes and how those have evolved, any triggers they noticed and posing any questions they may have.

During the year, as an Honesty Practitioners you will learn how differentiate in more finer detail between noticing and imagining, learn more and more to recognize and ask for what you want in each moment, how to handle conflicts, anger and difficult situations by noticing your sensations, thoughts and emotions arising in the moment and creating connecting while dealing with the conflict and getting over it and owning your stories and triggers. 

Given the individual approach and time required for the coaching and personal follow up, the Honesty Europe Practitioner Program is limited currently to a small number of participants per year. There is a possibility to tailor the program to suit your needs in regards to the number of the workshops, retreats and coaching sessions, however the minimum in the program is five workshops/retreats.

Send us an email or book a free video call with us to explore further your suitability for the Practitioner Program.

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